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Car takes off police cruiser's door; officer uninjured

Posted May 10, 2010

— A Raleigh police officer escaped injury Monday afternoon when a passing car ripped off the door to his patrol car, police said.

The unidentified officer had pulled a vehicle over on Interstate 440 near the Glenwood Avenue exit and was getting out of his patrol car when another vehicle drove by and clipped the door, ripping it off the cruiser, police said.

There was no immediate word on whether the driver of the passing car would be charged.


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  • timbo 2.0 May 10, 2010

    "But then you are required to slow down."

    Depending on the location, slowing down too much can cause an accident.

    However, we don't know that the driver didn't slow down and it is reasonable to assume that even if the driver did slow down, the accident could of happened.

    I believe the police officer didn't check like he should before he opened the door. I may be wrong.

  • timbo 2.0 May 10, 2010

    "Research also shows people who speed causes more wrecks than people who drink and drive. Source UNC Traffic Research."

    Untrue. Inattention. Federal studies.

  • rescuefan May 10, 2010

    "Only if you are able to. If there is a car in the lane next to you, then it's not advisable.
    timbo 2.0"

    But then you are required to slow down.

    Some of the rest of you really need to be aware of other things beyond your world. Maybe the police officer had pulled up behind a car that wasn't completely off the road.

    To the person who says that they don't need no stinkin' speed limits, I sure hope you get your ticket(s) soon. Before you start killing other innocent drivers.

  • wildcat May 10, 2010

    The driver should be charged. Why not? He/she had to be speeding to do that kind of damage.

  • flapy May 10, 2010

    I saw this too the door was not off the car what the heck

  • donnaferguson May 10, 2010

    the door was not off of the cruiser........just sayin.... saw it with my own eyes.

  • redmoon May 10, 2010

    I though there was a law on the books, that states for cars approaching an officer on the side , must move over a lane ....

  • ASU May 10, 2010

    Research also shows people who speed causes more wrecks than people who drink and drive. Source UNC Traffic Research.

  • ASU May 10, 2010

    most drivers arrest for DWI are stopped because they were speeding.

  • ASU May 10, 2010

    Also when officers stop cars for speeding. It can change a drivers driving habits. That could save their lives down the road, your life, or my life. Maybe next a car pulls out in front the the speeder who speeds all the time. Maybe next time he is going the speed limit and not 20miles of the limit when he hits another car in the drivers door. I hope the next time you wreck and your car is in the middle of the road. I hope the cars behind you are going the speed limit or around the speed limit and not going 90mph and hits you and your family