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Car crashes into Raleigh Burger King

Posted June 7, 2012

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— A car came crashing through a Burger King restaurant in Raleigh Thursday evening, witnesses said.

Customers and employees were inside the restaurant, at 3500 Poole Road, when a woman drove into the building, witnesses said. The Burger King sustained major damage.

Xaviera McKoy said the crash sounded like gunshots.

"The first thing that came to mind was get out of here fast because the whole building is gong to collapse," McKoy said. "I thought I was going to die or get injured real bad."

No one was injured and police are investigating what caused the crash.


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  • xxxxxxxxxxxxx Jun 8, 2012

    "Oh and one more time please, it's LOSE when you misplace something and LOOSE is how your jeans fit"

    Thank you!! I see that mistake made more and more lately.

  • NCHighlander Jun 8, 2012

    Thanks for that grammar lesson. It helps. The confusion in the use of there/their; your/you're; lose/loose; chose/choose; etc. doesn't really confuse readers due to being in context, but we should really always keeping learning to use this ridiculous but wonderful language. djofraleigh

    I also find if you are using words correctly and spell them correctly it adds more weight to your statement. There are some very passionate people around here, but they come across as dullards because they cannot spell. If I’m not sure, I'll write my statement in MS word to catch misspellings or bad grammar, and then post it.

    I can suggest some inner city neighborhoods that you to should go to and help the folks there out with speaking the English language. You can start on their spelling after you cross that first little hurtle.

  • fishon Jun 8, 2012

    I agree, not enouph information as usual. If you are upset about spelling on this site you have to much time on your hands.

    Or, if you have time to post you have time to spell correctly. And it is "too" much time on your hands.

  • dougdeep Jun 8, 2012

    Park that anywhere.

  • not my real name Jun 8, 2012

    baahhhaaaaaa!~ Did she get it "her way"?

  • Dan Cooper Jun 8, 2012

    The people that do this always seem to claim that either the accelerator stuck or the brakes failed, expect one of these excuses from (the driver).

  • Marty King Jun 8, 2012

    Old 7-series = maybe a loud stereo and inattention was involved?

  • bilge53 Jun 8, 2012

    Gives new meaning to "eat in or to go?"

  • harleysfather60 Jun 8, 2012

    I agree, not enouph information as usual. If you are upset about spelling on this site you have to much time on your hands.

  • BringthePain Jun 8, 2012

    The regular drive-thru was taking too long, so she made her own.