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Car crashes into Cary store

Posted July 6, 2010

— A driver crashed his car into the House of Lights, at 264 W. Chatham St., Tuesday morning, firefighters who responded to the crash said.

The driver, Justin Davis, 21, of Youngsville, suffered a medical condition that caused him to lose control, according to Cary police. The car traveled through the front door of the store and exited a side wall.

Davis was taken to WakeMed with non-life threatening injuries.


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  • rbpowell71 Jul 12, 2010

    I am glad that some people have nothing better to do with their time than to pass judgement on other people. Better yet, I am also glad that there are doctors out there that have not been to medical school and were not even there to assess my son after the accident to know what happened to him.
    Thank you to all that have shown concern over Justin. Justin was very sorry for this accident and went to the store after he was released from the hospital and apologized for what happened. There was someone at the store that saw him having a seizure. If Justin had any idea that he was going to have a seizure he would have done one of two things, pulled over and called for help or just not have driven in the first place.
    Justin and the 3 people in the store were very lucky that noone was hurt. May the judgemental people be able to sleep at night and I hope that nothing ever happens to them.
    Justin, don't worry about the people that pass judgement, there day will come when judgement is due!

  • buffalojenn Jul 8, 2010

    Just to clarify some things....Justin is 19 not 21. He is my nephew and it was very upsetting to see the comments that were posted about him saying he was "impaired". People should not assume things w/o knowing the facts. He had a seizure and was blacked out/unconsious for more than 30 minutes....Don't ASSUME things!!!! Thank God he was not seriously injured neither was anyone else. Remember to tell your loved ones how much you care about them each and every day.

  • southsydryda54 Jul 6, 2010

    the driver of the car was a friend of mine and has had this condition since high school. Before any of you judge and say he was "impaired" it would probably be nice if you knew what was going on. dumbasses.

  • Cheermom Jul 6, 2010

    I know the young man and he has a medical condition that caused him to crash. He has a good family that I'm sure are truly thankful no one was injured seriously, including Justin. Keep your speculations to yourselves...

  • iron fist Jul 6, 2010

    I just don’t understand how some people can be so quick to judge others with out facts. And some who want to make jokes without facts. I hope none of you ever need medical attention or are ever involved in an accident your fault on not. Problem with the world today no compassion for others. Innocent until proven guilty doesn’t seem to apply anymore.

  • cmncemt2 Jul 6, 2010

    A person with a very low blood sugar would appear to be impaired, symptoms, slurrged speech, combative, and "drunk like" thankfully nobody was injured.

  • Scubagirl Jul 6, 2010

    This store belongs to a friend of mine and apparently the driver had a seizure prior to losing control of the car. Fortunately no one was hurt.
    so for autonomous....in this case 'impaired' was not, as you say, due to alcohol nor drugs rather a medical condition. Too bad computers don't have a Fact Checker instead of just a spell check.

  • pettus08 Jul 6, 2010

    I am sure the police would have known if it were drugs or alcohol. Maybe a seizure or a sudden drop in blood sugar could cause the same impairment.Of course, some people just know by seeing.

  • lisaclark2 Jul 6, 2010

    You, ever heard of a sick person? The person has a seizure. Didn't see this listed under dumb.

  • mgratk Jul 6, 2010

    "I saw the aftermath. This driver was impaired. Impaired = alcohol, drugs, or just not fit to be driving a vehicle."

    I think we have to assume medical condition, since that is what the police said. Several conditions can make someone seem drunk or on drugs.