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Car crashes into Cary restaurant

Posted July 11, 2010

— A minivan crashed into the Chef of India restaurant at 748 Chatham St. in Cary shortly before 2 p.m. Sunday, police said.

The 32-year-old driver told police that her foot slipped off the brake as she was parking in front of the restaurant.

Sabina Rigging, who was in the restaurant at the time, said it sounded and felt like an explosion.

Viewers' pictures showed that the minivan crashed completely through the glass entrance of the restaurant and stopped inside the building.

The driver, whose name wasn't released, was charged with failure to reduce speed, police said. Her 6-year-old child was inside the vehicle at the time of the crash but was not injured.

The restaurant's manager suffered a minor cut on his leg.

About 10 people were inside the restaurant at the time of the incident, but no other serious injuries were reported.

The restaurant will remain closed Sunday.


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  • teachyourchildrenwell Jul 13, 2010

    It was a mazda, not a Honda. Just becuase it crashed into an Indian restaurant, does not mean that an Indian was driving. lol

  • mspoon3 Jul 12, 2010

    My party actually made up half the patrons there when this happened. I was in the bathroom helping my 17-month-old son wash his hands when we heard what sounded like lots of glass plates falling VERY loudly for an extended period of time. When we came out, we saw the car, which was occupying the same space we had walked through only thirty seconds earlier. Very scary. Fortunately, car crashed through the half of the restaurant where the food was, not where the patrons were all seated. The one injury (the chef/owner) was minor, but he was understandably distraught, this apparently being the SECOND time it's happened to the poor guy.

  • miketroll3572 Jul 12, 2010

    What is it with these people driving thru the stores here? This must be the 5th or 6th time someone has drove thru one of the stores here. Somebody needs some serious driving lessons. They now call this strip mall little india!

  • dch1972 Jul 12, 2010

    Hey lady! You can't park there!

  • Crankyone Jul 12, 2010

    I did not know this restaurant had a drive through?

  • froggytroat Jul 12, 2010

    >>Most of Cary doesn't eat there.

    I eat there all the time, that place is great.

  • pulstar40 Jul 12, 2010

    10 people aren't bad for 2 in the afternoon, especially during a Sunday in the summer.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Jul 12, 2010

    Ten customers is good for a small restaurant at that time of day. But doesn't matter. Most of Cary doesn't eat there.

  • BubbaDuke Jul 12, 2010

    The food must not be that good if they only had ten customers in the restaurant. Maybe the insurance will make up for the lack of business.

  • LuvLivingInCary Jul 12, 2010

    well, it's not a toyota but a toyota clone...