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Capital One says personal visits to cardholders a 'last resort'

Posted February 18, 2014
Updated February 19, 2014

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Capital One recently sent out a new cardholder agreement saying it could contact customers in any manner it chooses: Phone calls, emails, texts or personal visits to home or work.

It also said it could change what shows up on customers’ caller ID.

The credit company has since issued a statement to "clarify" that language, saying personal visits would happen as a last resort in limited cases involving repossession of “secured collateral” such as jet skis or snow mobiles.

As for information being disguised on caller ID, Capital One says that is beyond its control in some areas. The company is reviewing the language, saying it doesn’t want to create "unnecessary insecurity."


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  • Todd Jenkins Feb 24, 2014
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    It won't happen.. No one getting paid minimum wage is going to show up asking for money and put their life at risk. #60 works great for calls that spoof the caller id for me.

  • sunshine1040 Feb 20, 2014

    If you cannot afford to pay for it leave it at the store sorry but I am tired of paying for your purchase which is what happens when you do not make payments other price go up so store does not take the loss.

  • whatelseisnew Feb 20, 2014

    I don't have one of their cards. My wallet has one card that gets paid in full every month. The fun part is once a quarter, they send me a check for the rebates I get on my purchases of food and gasoline.

  • Obamacare rises again Feb 19, 2014

    I wonder how many of these personal collections specialists will be shot trying to make a collection at a North Carolina deadbeat's residence.

  • Imma Annoid Feb 19, 2014
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    I guess I'll start mailing sand back in the return envelopes for a credit card application they keep sending me weekly.

  • Mike C Feb 19, 2014
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    Guess who I won't be getting a credit card from. But then again, pay your bills on time and you won't have to worry about things like that.

  • dwntwnboy2 Feb 19, 2014

    No one said you HAD to open your door to them.

  • Singlemalt Feb 19, 2014

    OR, just pay your bill on time. Difficult concept for many.

  • Obamacare rises again Feb 19, 2014

    "What's in your wallet?" How about who's s on your door step?

  • 68_dodge_polara Feb 19, 2014

    Wow...I love my credit union.