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Campus gun ban to remain in place at Duke

Posted September 24, 2013

— Despite a state law taking effect next Tuesday that allows people with concealed-carry permits to take their weapons onto school campuses across North Carolina, Duke University officials said gun will still be illegal on the Durham campus.

Sweeping gun legislation passed by lawmakers in July allows concealed weapons inside locked cars at University of North Carolina system campuses, community colleges and public schools.

Private schools such as Duke were given the option of barring weapons on their campuses, and Duke officials said signs would be posted on campus and in university-owned health care facilities about the ban.


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  • friendlyman Oct 4, 2013

    will Duke also ban pressure cookers? since the common pressure cooker can cause far more destruction than a simple handgun, as we found out in Boston

  • 68_dodge_polara Oct 1, 2013

    Sorry but, to Duke, being PC is more important than your co-worker's safety.

  • friendlyman Sep 30, 2013

    I have a co-worker that has an hour long commute each morning and evening by herself, is the Durham Police going to escort her to work and back home everyday since she cannot legally protect herself?

  • 68_dodge_polara Sep 30, 2013

    And in Durham 911 responses times are often 40 minutes or more.

    Until repeat violent offenders serve reasonable prison sentences for hurting and killing innocent people in Durham County sadly your safety and your family's safety if up to you. Don't want that responsibility? Than move to Cary and enjoy the snobbery and mcmansions on 1/8 of acre lots like so many others have.

  • 68_dodge_polara Sep 30, 2013

    "having a gun is the answer to every problem"

    What? Did some really say that? Who? unbelievable...

    I carry because a cop is to heavy and when seconds count police are only minutes away.

  • Jack Flash Sep 27, 2013

    "no one has had a need to carry their weapons with them all the time to be safe."

    I agree, but I don't know what difference that makes w/ people who WANT their gun w/ them at all times. I'd rather otherwise responsible gun owners just go ahead and carry illegally. If they're discreet, no one ever knows. If the occasion arises where they need to be the heroic John McClane they've always wanted to be, I'm sure we'll be so indebted to them we'll give them a pass. I don't think gun culture is healthy: the idea that if you're ever w/o a gun you should fear for your life, that having a gun is the answer to every problem including having to tolerate some no good riff-raff, or that any place you are not allowed to carry a gun is un'muhrican. If having a gun is so important you'll break the law for the security blanket of having it w/ you, at least you'll do so humbly.

  • kenshi Sep 27, 2013

    So, what you guys are missing here is what I am saying is that this law does little to protect. A gun locked in a car is not really all that protective. duke has a right to allow or not allow guns. If you don't like it park off campus and the risk you have then is the walk to and from your car, which would not be covered by the law anyways if you were parked on campus. Do you guys understand what I am saying?

  • 68_dodge_polara Sep 27, 2013

    "no one has had a need to carry their weapons with them all the time to be safe."

    I really really wish this were true. But until they lock up repeat violent offenders for reasonable amount of time for hurting and killing innocent people it is what it is.

  • Glock Ranger Sep 26, 2013

    This law was intended to allow people to protect themselves on the way to, or from, the campus. Consider where some of these people are coming from/going to. Just because you live in a perfectly safe area, and only use perfectly safe routes to work, or to the campus for medical treatment, doesn't mean everyone else does,kenshi.

    True, in the instance Harley22 brings up, according to this new law, the guns would not be much use. But, it is just one of many instances that have occurred on Duke's campus. I mean, it's gotten to the point that DUPD is talking about closing streets to limit access! What's next? Curfews? Fences? Guards?

    You might tell me to grow up, but the thing I fear more than the bad guys is the loss of freedom. Freedom must be fought for EVERY day. I used to have a job. In a job there is no freedom. You show up and leave on their schedule. You watch what you say and submit to their rules for money. That's not freedom. This 1000 character limit is not freedom, either.

  • nighthunter Sep 26, 2013

    Well said, Glock Ranger!