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Bystander killed during party in Halifax County

Posted June 26, 2011

— An argument at a party attended by several hundred people in Halifax County Sunday erupted into gunfire, killing an innocent bystander, according to the sheriff's office.

Capt. L.J. Burch said that deputies responded to calls about a loud party in the Medoc area. When deputies arrived, they heard gunshots ring out. They detained Delorean Tremaine Taylor, 28, of Enfield, at the scene.

Deputies found Kevin Jamar Davis, 18, of Littleton, lying in the yard of a home on N.C. Highway 48, Burch said. He had been shot in the back.

Deputies performed CPR on Davis until medical workers arrived, but he died of his injuries.

Burch said that investigators determined that Taylor had argued with another man, pulled out a gun and began firing. He shot Davis, who hadn't been part of the argument and wasn't his intended target, the captain said.

Taylor was charged with murder and placed in the Halifax County jail. He was denied bond and scheduled to appear in court July 6.

Taylor has a violent criminal history dating to 1998 that includes nearly seven years behind bars for armed robbery, according to state Department of Correction records.

He has also been convicted of two counts of assault with a deadly weapon and one count each of assault and assault on a female, all misdemeanors, records show.


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  • tjones703 Jun 29, 2011

    This was a very sad time for our community and it's really sad when uninvited guests show up at your house and kill someone. I was gonna have a party but this have done it for me. For now on I wiil just have big cookouts for my family and friends. I wish they would keep the criminals in jail whats making life harder for everyone else everytime they get back on the street. B-day parties for me is over!

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Jun 27, 2011

    This man is the perfect reason to make room in our jails and release all of the people convicted of victimless "crimes" (e.g. carrying a weed’s leaf in your pocket)

  • Tiffany2007 Jun 27, 2011

    Time for parents to start holding the courts accountable for putting these criminals BACK on the streets. This madness has to stop. It was only a matter of time.

  • rmsmith Jun 27, 2011

    Trust in your local lawyers to keep people like this on the street.

  • SARCASTICLES Jun 27, 2011

    Why didn't he just walk away? To borrow an explanation from Mr. Barry Saunders, "He dissed me, so I popped a cap in him....he didn't give me the respect a person of my enormous stature commands" Hope that helps you understand. ;)

  • johnny2times Jun 27, 2011

    Whatever happend to just walking away? Why do people need to let a gun "fix the problem"? what did this accomplish? Good job tough guy...you took a bystandards life because you can't control your emotions and cowardly ways. Sorry for the victim in this crime. I hope they throw away the key on this "man".

  • YNCSW51 Jun 27, 2011

    Why was this guy out on the street with a criminal record like this. Keep him locked up so he cannot cause more destruction. His pass criminal record is a sign that their is no rehabilitation for this guy. He obviously does not respect himself, the law or anyone else.