Decades-old Raleigh music venue to be torn down

Posted July 31, 2011

— A longtime local music venue in Raleigh will be torn down on Monday to make room for a proposed mixed-use development on the western end of Hillsborough Street, city officials said Sunday.

The Brewery, at 3009 Hillsborough St., had already closed its doors Sunday, after more than 28 years in business. No one could be reached for comment there.

According to The Brewery's website, acts have been booked into November. It wasn't clear whether those shows would be canceled or relocated.

The neighboring Katmandu bar and Time Out restaurant will also be torn down in the coming weeks, city officials said. 

The demolition is part of an ongoing revitalization effort on Hillsborough Street, which neighbors North Carolina State University's campus. Roundabouts were built last spring to make the busy thoroughfare more pedestrian-friendly and now city leaders are paving the way for plans to bring in a new retail venue with a flagship Kerr Drugs store. Hillsborough Street redevelopment Decades-old Raleigh music venue to be torn down

Those proposals, which would require zoning changes, are in the hands of the city's planning commission, Mayor Charles Meeker said. He said he expects that they'll go before city council in early September.

"I haven't been to The Brewery in years, so to me, it's a good change," Meeker said, "We hoped there would be a good deal of redevelopment on Hillsborough Street after the recent pedestrian project was put in with the roundabouts. Now we're starting to see that."

Across the street, managers of the East Village Grill are giving the restaurant a facelift before students return for North Carolina State University's fall semester. They said they're excited for the changes on Hillsborough Street.

"From a professional side, you always like to see things have a fresh face. It's good and it's good for business," said Eric Tannery, project manager for renovations at the East Village Grill.


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  • micah Aug 1, 2011

    I was a manager at Eckerd on Hillsborough in the mid-90's. It was where the Kinko's is now. That store was never very busy, and the pharmacy did so little business (due to the infirmary on campus) that they actually took it out and replaced it with a photo lab. The lab was what kept that store alive. We processed hundreds of rolls a day. Once digital photography caught on, the photo lab slowed dramatically. I wonder why a Kerr Drug would fare any better than the old Eckerds? Perhaps they would be bigger and have a lot of food like the Cameron Village store does?

  • Lone Voice in the Wilderness Aug 1, 2011

    The Time Out is good barbeque. I was excited when I heard that they were opening a store on Hillsborough Street. Fortunately for me, the Time Out is still open 24/7 every day of the year on Franklin Street.

    Folks, this is the Brewery. It's not like the Cat's Cradle is closing down.

  • Shelley Cooper Aug 1, 2011

    i hear rumor it's going to reopen as "scotty's place"

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Aug 1, 2011

    So strange this was announced at the last minute.

    Their website shows bands booked there til November 2011.

  • same ole story Aug 1, 2011

    Saw a lot of good bands in there. Since they changed hillsborough st. the accesibility has been a nightmare. Unless you lived within walking distance the place was too hard to get to. They need to put bands in the little theater by the bell tower.

  • ncsulilwolf Aug 1, 2011

    I'm not particularly attached to The Brewery itself, but to echo Mike H. and ncguy's sentiments, I have no idea why on Earth towns, economic development groups, etc., etc. all feel the need to put up a big box or a chain convenience retailer as "capstone" businesses. There are plenty already! A "flagship Kerr Drugs store" is not going to be the economic boom that Hillsborough street needs. I spent four years at State and visited a drug store less than four times during that tenure.

  • edgetonesam Aug 1, 2011

    Like Meeker was ever really that cool. It's not likely that he ever stepped foot in the place. Yes it was nasty, that's rock and roll. This town used to thrive on music, the Switch, Music City, the Pier, the Bears Den, the Big Bad Wolf etc. Anyone remember when Charlie Goodnite's was the Silver Bullet Saloon? I remember when Raleigh was like a music mecca. to qoute the Stones "it's all over now".

  • Dark_Horse Aug 1, 2011

    "I haven't been to The Brewery in years, so to me, it's a good change," Meeker said,

    Translation: "I don't go to that dive, so I really couldnt care less that its closing."

  • SAMCRO4ever Aug 1, 2011 of my favorite bands got their start at this place. Thats sad... =(

  • jaredg Aug 1, 2011

    man i'll miss the brewery but over the last few years it has really gone down hill. i'd like to see a new music venue pop up there instead of a Kerr Drugs though. how are students supposed to walk to a good venue to see music now?