State unemployment rate edges up again

Posted March 10, 2011


— North Carolina's unemployment rate edged up slightly again in January, although the state gained about 4,500 jobs that month, officials said Thursday.

The jobless rate for January was 9.9 percent, up from 9.8 percent in December, according to data from the state Employment Security Commission. In January 2010, the statewide unemployment rate was 11.4 percent.

Seasonally adjusted non-farm employment increased to 3,861,400 in January. Including farm workers, the number of people employed remained flat at 4,024,435.

Meanwhile, the number of unemployed people rose rose by 3,374, to 440,622.

The average wage and number of hours worked also decreased slightly compared with December. The non-seasonally adjusted average hourly wage fell 5 cents, to $15.82, while employees worked 40.4 hours, down from 41.2 hours in December.

Those are below the average wage of $16 an hour and above the 40 weekly hours of work recorded in January 2010.

The trade, transportation and utilities sector added the most jobs – 11,300 – in January. The largest decrease was in construction, which lost 5,100 jobs.

"In particular, there was an indication of strong growth in the retail sector and positive growth in several sectors over the year," ESC Chairwoman Lynn Holmes said in a statement.

Since last January, the number of unemployed people has decreased by 78,594, while the number of employed workers has also gone down, by 2,841.

The ESC also released revised numbers for the past year. The unemployment rate for November 2010 was raised a tenth of a point, to 9.8 percent.


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  • lovethesouth1 Mar 11, 2011

    I have an idea to balance that budget... Illegals have to pay taxes or get sent packing!! Then they can't feed off our healthcare and government resources for free.

  • drughound Mar 10, 2011

    wsmithjr3 you are right but they are not going to change anything because they might hurt someone's feelings or lose a vote. They have a job making more then they should and really don't care about the people. If they did away with state tax and done like TN and and had sales tax then everyone would pay tax.

  • RM24 Mar 10, 2011

    SO unemployment is up huh? Can you imagine that?

  • wsmithjr3 Mar 10, 2011

    How about writing Gov Perdue and tell her you want her do get rid of the ILLEGALS out of NC so you can have those jobs! I did. still waiting on a reply. A friend finally got a job in a plant...the friend said I am the only ENGLISH speaking employee there and how hard it was to be trained by someone speaking spanish. He said he believed all the employees were illegal the boss is a US citizen. Another example is a relative was employed by an ILLEGAL who owns his own company! No taxes taken out paid cash. People this is just 2 instances i heard of in 1 week..they are all over and they are NOT just working in agricultural jobs. Write call or email beverly perdue and tell her you need a job and the illegals have the jobs we all need!

  • wsmithjr3 Mar 10, 2011


  • josephlawrence43 Mar 10, 2011

    Thank you Obammie---

  • whatelseisnew Mar 10, 2011

    In a few more days I will have been out of work for a year. I am absolutely loving not working. I also do not miss seeing all the tax that was grabbed out of my pocket.

  • Bill Brasky Mar 10, 2011

    "More lies. It has been up and down. It just happens to be lower today."

    Thats because the U6 doesn't distinguish betweet private and government jobs like the U3 does. Thats one of the reasons the U6 is not normally used. If we were to only count private sector job creation, we have been seeing positive gains since October 2009.

    Yeah, suppose it has nothing to do with the DOW being up 4,000 points since way, that doesn't have a positive affect on jobs.

  • Keepin_it_real_in_NC Mar 10, 2011

    "And the state unemployment rate is now GOING UP! And people are WORKING LESS hours and EARNING LESS pay. "

    And last week when unemployment was down, and I gave credit to the Republicans, the liberals on GOLO slammed me that they were just barely in office. Go figure.

  • tpbwetland Mar 10, 2011

    'Vote GOP/Tea Party if you want jobs.'

    People voted for GOP/Tea Party in Nov 2010, and they are now in office. And the state unemployment rate is now GOING UP! And people are WORKING LESS hours and EARNING LESS pay. And the price of oil and gasoline is shooting through the roof. Unfortunately, that is what the GOP/Tea Party is giving us.