Novartis to add 100 jobs, facilities in Holly Springs

Posted December 22, 2010

Novartis (NYSE: NVS) will expand its $1 billion vaccine production facility in Holly Springs, adding 100 jobs and new facilities, officials announced Wednesday.

The project will cost $36 million and include a development lab as well as a pilot production plant.

Novartis will receive about $3.7 million in state tax incentives if it meets job growth and other requirements.

Among the incentives is a $1 million One North Carolina Fund grant, which requires a local match.

Novartis also received a Job Development Investment Grant worth up to $2.7 million. The so-called JDIG is a rebate of employee state withholding taxes.

The company, which is based in Switzerland, said the new jobs will pay an average salary of $106,200 per year plus benefits.

“Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics is excited to start construction of our new viral lab and pilot plant that will enable us to advance our viral vaccines pipeline and develop new technologies so we can get life-saving vaccines to patients quicker," Matthew Stober, the top official for technical operations of the Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics business unit, said in a statement.

"We chose the Holly Springs location for this important project because of the great talent pool to recruit from, proximity to area universities and the relationship we have with our neighbors in the state, county and town of Holly Springs," he added.


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  • peterrichter Dec 24, 2010

    good comments

  • hollymic Dec 23, 2010

    I got hired on at a local pharmacutical through a temp agency. I had no experience what so ever doing this kind of work. I would bet money that the screening process is the same in that all pharma compines do a back ground check. I had a 10 year back ground check done on me. I had never worked in a factory type situation until I got on at this paticular job. My suggestion is to see what temp agency they are using and go through them.

  • wake_up_jeff_0 Dec 22, 2010

    @ 1 love....WOW..I kinda felt that when I interviewed out offered a job but turned it down!

  • Juncyard Dec 22, 2010

    cwood3, "Behave juncyard!!"

    I swear I try, but some of these folks..... LOL!

  • Juncyard Dec 22, 2010

    whatelseisnew, "The 100 jobs is good. Too bad they are being employed to create poisonous injections."

    And you always find a way to reinforce my beliefs that you shouldn't be allowed out without some type of supervision....

  • godnessgracious Dec 22, 2010

    I can't get the experience because I can't get the job. I have to live so I work in another field and that consumes most of my time. I think we need more places that can hire somebody that doesn't already have 5 years doing that exact job. By doing this think about what happens. You either end up with liars who didn't really meet the requirements or you have an ever decreasing pool of qualified applicants. Exactly because you have required 5 years experience. Do you think they required 5 years experience in the 60's? No way! You got a job right out of college no experience necessary. Many of these people are great engineers for NASA and the like. They did the jobs they were hired for just fine without the arbitrary years of experience. You say I'm complaining, but I think critiquing is more accurate. Yes you may have got there, but I did not. So my point of view differs, and if not anything else aren't we sharing our points of view here?

  • gnewsome1 Dec 22, 2010

    "And if I can do it, as dumb as I am, you can do it with your top 10% of all IQ's." You, my friend, are most certainly not dumb and your work ethic speaks for itself. Your friend, gnews46, back in the day.

  • gnewsome1 Dec 22, 2010

    Good points: gwally, unclegrits, Psuedonym and a few others. Glad some others on here can see the positives in this. If some of you on here truly want a good education, stop complaining and go get it. Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps like many of us did. You impose your own limitations, not someone else. Stop your whining and do something about it.

  • Pseudonym Dec 22, 2010

    Quote from gonessgracious: "Me personally I am hoping IT certifications will denecessitate the need for a degree."

    I used to think that. I have an MCSE and CCNA and I hit a plateau. My income and responsibilities only went up when I finished my degree.

    And you are right: My diploma is worthless. It's a dead tree with writing on it, whoop-dee-doo. The knowledge I learned in school coupled with the real-world knowledge I had from 5 prior years in IT before I started school again is what is valuable.

    Plus, I learned so much more about IT planning and management by approaching it from a holistic perspective rather than only learning what Microsoft, Red Hat, or Cisco want me to learn.

  • godnessgracious Dec 22, 2010

    They sell IQ tests at barnes and noble. I took it last ten years ago and got 133 which puts me in that percentile. Didn't just make it up. Its mostly due to my visual spacial abilities and strong math background