N.C. jobless rate dips in September, but new claims jump

Posted October 22, 2010

— Unemployment in North Carolina declined again slightly in September, to 9.6 percent.

The rate has fallen for seven straight months from 11.2 percent in February, the N.C. Employment Security Commission reported Friday.

In August, unemployment was 9.7 percent.

North Carolina’s latest jobless figure matches the U.S. rate. That’s the first time the state’s unemployment rate has not been higher than the national rate since March 2008.

However, the improvement in the state’s job picture may be temporary.

First-time unemployment claims in the state surged last week to 8,470, according to U.S. Department of Labor statistics released Thursday.

North Carolina ranked second only to New York (8,558) in new jobless claims.

The state reported to the Labor department that layoffs were reported “in the service, transportation, warehousing, textile, and petroleum industries.”

Non-farm jobs increased by 10,100 in North Carolina last month, the ESC said. The numbers were seasonally adjusted.

Most of those were in government at more than 9,600.

The state’s biggest job losses were in manufacturing at 3,800.

North Carolina has added more than 49,000 jobs since September 2009, the ESC said.


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  • mtnmama Oct 22, 2010

    Interesting that my earlier comment was published but then disappeared. Do some research. More jobs have been created in O's 18 months that W's entire 8 yr. run. Reps outsourced all the jobs. Why on earth would we want to return a regime that caused this mess in the first place? Please,'re smarter than that.

  • Big Mike Oct 22, 2010

    UPS is hiring around the Triangle for seasonal help.....part timers get $10 an hour for 4-5 hour shifts per day at the distribution centers, and those with good driving records can get a van job for $15.76 and hour.

    Bottom line....part time jobs can lead to full time jobs...been there done that.....and it works if you show what you are made of....

    Good luck to anyone who is not feeling sorry for themselves..

  • prn13norm Oct 22, 2010

    Thanks Obama ,Pelosi and Reid!

  • Bill Brasky Oct 22, 2010

    "Do the math.... are more people unemployed at Obana's 9.6%, or at Bush's 8 year average of 5%"

    Clever way of spinning it. You fail to mention what the unemployment numbers did during Bush's last few months of presidency, yet he did nothing. Guess he should of cut taxes even more.

  • Cricket at the lake Oct 22, 2010

    Like the usual govt. figures, they don't make any sense and can't be trusted to be accurate!

  • muttley - back by popular demand Oct 22, 2010

    "We lost 8 million jobs before Obama even had time to do anything..."

    Do the math.... are more people unemployed at Obana's 9.6%, or at Bush's 8 year average of 5%

  • wildcat Oct 22, 2010

    ncguy...i agree with you.

  • ncguy Oct 22, 2010

    If there were no illegals there would be lot's of jobs for AMERICANS!

  • wildcat Oct 22, 2010

    teacher101...many don't really care about the unemployed, morgage of people losing their food...homeless..etc. Wait until it happens to them, and then it will be a different story.

  • wildcat Oct 22, 2010

    Gov. Purdue should cut her salary by 50% and that would certainly help the state.