Unemployment rate drops; most new jobs in government

Posted June 18, 2010

— North Carolina's unemployment rate dropped for a third straight month in May, and government drove the creation of nearly 13,000 jobs, according to statistics released Friday by the state Employment Security Commission.

May's unemployment rate of 10.3 percent was a half-point lower than April's rate of 10.8 percent. Overall employment increased to 3,917,600 in May, and the number of people on the unemployment rolls decreased by 20,749.

However, the number of new jobs was driven higher by government, not private sector employers.

“Many of the government gains have been in Census hiring, and not just this month,” said Larry Parker, a spokesman for the ESC. “We have seen this for the last couple of months."

The ESC noted that 16,100 of the net 12,900 new jobs came from government. Many of those are from hiring for the U.S. Census and are temporary positions, the ESC acknowledged.

Based on those figures, private sector jobs actually fell, led by a 2,900 drop in manufacturing. The leisure and hospitality sector shed 2,700 jobs.

Parker said the gain in temporary jobs offers at least some relief to the unemployed.

"Temporary jobs, yes, but still jobs, and people are working," he said. "Many of the gains in professional and business services have also been in ‘administrative’ which can signal temp hiring.

“That can be a good thing because it shows that employers are at least willing to hire someone on a temporary basis, and maybe that will lead to full-time work," he continued.

According to the ESC, governments have added 39,900 jobs in North Carolina over the past year, up 5.8 percent. Education and health services have added 8,000. Professional and business services have added 11,200.

Construction and manufacturing, meanwhile, shed 22,800 and 21,800 jobs respectively, down 11.8 and 4.8 percent.

Total non-farm employment is down 3,300 overall from a year ago.


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  • lizard Jun 18, 2010

    The president is not "turning things around." He's extending the misery like the progressives did in the 30's.

    As the story states,,,there is no job growth in the sector that really matters and about Jan. or sooner we're gonna see a big- time crash. Move your money now. It's going to get really bad.

  • Mark G Jun 18, 2010


    Please allow me to correct you. DHL did not die, it was merged into an existing private company who was able to do it less expensively and more efficiently than the competition.

    I agree the government should keep USPS, but it does not operate as efficiently as the private carriers, who have to or they would die.

    As a pilot, let me definitely tell you that the private weather services do a much better, more user friendly and efficient way of getting weather to the aviation community. That's why ALL commercial carriers and many private pilots subscribe and pay for the priavtely delivered weather info.

    I appreciate the dialog, but did want to advise you of these facts.

  • mep Jun 18, 2010

    More govt workers = MORE taxes to pay their salaries.
    More govt is NOT the answer to our failing economy.

  • Liberal Lion Jun 18, 2010

    This President was handed a mess,but now he is turning things around. It will take more time, but we will get americans back to work. The GOP does not look out for the working man.

  • redwolfone Jun 18, 2010

    If we do not start creating jobs in the private sector, there will not be any money for all these government jobs. We are on the road to bankruptcy!

  • wildcat Jun 18, 2010

    Good luck though. Been there. It's not easy. Hang tough.

    I appreciate you comments of inspiration. I still have my hopes and I continue to look each day. I just need the one chance. Pray for me that the job will come. Thanks. You have a great evening and weekend.

  • ncbeachladybug Jun 18, 2010

    Most new jobs in government, exactly where we don't need them.

  • MakoII Jun 18, 2010


    My whole experience with jobs rests on "networking" as they say, but it's true. People who know you refer you to places. You gotta pump the people you know for possible openings they can give you a good word for.

    Good luck though. Been there. It's not easy. Hang tough.

  • MakoII Jun 18, 2010


    I'm with you, but there is a problem. To do hybrid, you need a grid. A National Grid.

    To set that up, you'd have to individually deal with over 1200 municipalities! Separate agreements.

    THEN, you'd have to use Eminent Domain to buy up the rights.

    The estimated costs is 1-2 TRILLION dollars.

    Which is why Obama currently is putting 11 Billion into studying the issue and line up municipalities, but holding back on Eminent Domain as it makes a LOT of people angry.

    Not going to get done soon, unfortunately.

    That leaves us with Diesel and B100, B20, which CAN be very efficient. Up to 80MPG is possible.

  • wildcat Jun 18, 2010

    I am still hoping and praying for a job.