John Deere to move 90 jobs to Cary

Posted June 3, 2010

— Agriculture and landscaping equipment maker Deere & Co. said Thursday that it plans to move 90 engineering jobs from Charlotte to Cary over the next four months.

Deere officials said the move of its Southeast Engineering Center will better utilize resources and facilities within the turf and utility portion of John Deere’s Worldwide Agriculture & Turf Division.

“This action helps John Deere continue as a strong employer in North Carolina as we focus on serving customers through improved use of company assets and finances,” John May, global vice president of Deere’s turf and utility platform, said in a statement.

A few positions will be eliminated in the move, officials said. The Charlotte engineering center won't close until next year, they said.


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  • Lyle Jun 4, 2010

    It's a consolidation which benefits and streamlines their operations, otherwise it would not be newsworthy. It's a plus and it's sad to just see resentful buzzards always screeching their woeful opinions!

  • nerdlywehunt Jun 3, 2010

    So they claim that they are moving 90 jobs BUT some of them won't make it to Cary. This is just totally dishonest and the media should hold them accountable instead of helping them thump their chest!

  • beachboater Jun 3, 2010

    "Oh Joy. Just what we need, more low paying jobs to be in Cary, the 2nd most expensive place to live in NC. Yepper, sure makes sense to me, Billybob." burp

    Yep. I guess you can get an engineering degree when you graduate from the 10th grade now huh? Somehow mr. burp, I think you are uninformed.

  • 5-113 FA Retired Jun 3, 2010

    I don't believe John Deere green is on the list of "approved" colors for the village of Cary.

  • irishale Jun 3, 2010

    "Nothing runs like a Deere and no one turns joy into misery like Goloers."

    And apparently comprehension is beyond some Goloers grasp as well.

  • ObamaMustGo aka NCcarguy Jun 3, 2010

    I think they are MOVING the jobs....I don't recall reading where 90 people in Charlotte have LOST thier job, and 90 people in CARY are getting a brand new job. I'm guessing MOST of the people are MOVING from Charlotte to the RDU area. is this all that big a deal for ANYONE except a few houses should be sold in Charlotte, and bought in this area.

  • csmac99 Jun 3, 2010

    Only people from Cary can work there? Sounds like it from some of the posts.

  • Hans Jun 3, 2010

    Moving employees and eliminating some jobs in the process is somehow good news these days?

  • Adelinthe Jun 3, 2010

    Lyle -

    The only ones experiencing joy over this announcement are the ones who can't read what the headline really says.

    Move employees doesn't mean numerous new hires; never has, probably never will.

    God bless.


  • Lyle Jun 3, 2010

    Nothing runs like a Deere and no one turns joy into misery like Goloers.