Unemployment remains above 11 percent statewide

Posted April 16, 2010

— The unemployment rate in North Carolina dropped slightly in March to 11.1 percent, marking the third straight month the state has been above the 11 percent mark, according to data released Friday.

The state has hovered around 11 percent unemployment for a year, from a low of 10.7 percent last April to a high of 11.2 percent in February.

“North Carolina gained 3,300 jobs in March,” Employment Security Commission Chairman Lynn Holmes said in a statement. “Manufacturing and construction both had small gains in the month, but we need to see a more consistent pattern of growth in our job sectors in the coming months before we can be sure this is a sign of sustained growth.”

The number of people employed employed statewide last month was 4,056,681. The largest increases occurred in the leisure and hospitality sector, which added 2,200 jobs, and in manufacturing, which grew by 2,100. The largest decrease was in professional and business services, which shed 2,400 jobs.

The number of people unemployed decreased by 2,794 last month, to 507,686. Non-farm employment has dropped by 61,600 jobs statewide since March 2009, when the unemployment rate was 10.3 percent.


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  • camman1225 Apr 16, 2010

    PanthersFan45 you need to get a clue. The economy took a dump in mid 07, I was laid off in early 08. I worked in the marine industry. What does that to do with taxes??? The employment situation was caused by the stock market crash. DUH!!!

  • George Costanza Apr 16, 2010

    Check out these unemployment stats from the bls. Lets see the years Bush was in office and now obama........

  • Bill Brasky Apr 16, 2010

    If anyone thinks that the unemployment spike which started and reached its monthly peak under Bush would turn on a dime, I suggest you learn economics. Then there are the posters who have the audacity to take positive news and turn it negative, it almost appears as if you want Americans to fail.

    And your only answer...lower taxes! That worked so well under Bush.

  • Bill Brasky Apr 16, 2010

    everything is negative with these people until a Republican is in office, its politics before country..... how quick you forget,we put up with 8 yrs from your side

    Yeah, seem to remember us giving Bush a 92% approval rating..he earned his single digits.

  • ykm Apr 16, 2010

    I wonder what this administration has in store for the unemployed. Continue extending benefits indefinitely? Unemployment is projected to stay above 7.5 percent for years. I wonder if Obama and Congress will cut these people loose after the election? I wonder why the administration doesn't clue everyone in on the plan for these folks. A prudent person could then make some plans. If we have to continue to borrow in order to maintain benefits whats the plan to pay it back. Growth in the economy? How much does the economy need to grow to pay the bill? Anyone know? I don't think Obama has a clue. The state can't do anything they are broke, or so they keep telling us.

  • PanthersFan45 Apr 16, 2010

    I do not feel sorry for a single one of the unemployed in the 11% who voted the straight party ticket in 08'. I say enjoy those unemployment extensions as long as you can keep getting them. You brought this on yourself by pushing for a tax-heavy federal and state government which does not yield high job growth. You should know better.

  • Just the facts mam Apr 16, 2010

    How is that "hopey-changey" stuff working out for us???

  • DIVERDOWN Apr 16, 2010

    everything is negative with these people until a Republican is in office, its politics before country..... how quick you forget,we put up with 8 yrs from your side

  • yankee1 Apr 16, 2010

    here Bill! Here are some headlines from across the country that actually provide facts.

    New jobless claims 'unexpectedly' soar...

    Rise for second straight week...

    Soros warns on market crash...

    Foreclosure rates surge, biggest jump in 5 years...

    Give us some time and we too can create an unlabeled, unidentified graph showing a mirror imaage of nothing!

  • aintbackingdwn Apr 16, 2010

    I hope unemployment climbs through the roof. These freeloaders coming on Obama care don't need any more of our tax dollars.