N.C. unemployment remains above 11 percent

Posted March 10, 2010

— North Carolina’s unemployment rate remained stuck around the 11 percent mark in January, according to statistics released Wednesday by the state Employment Security Commission.

The state jobless rate was 11.1 percent, or about 502,000 unemployed, in January, up from 10.9 percent in December.

Economist Mike Walden N.C. unemployment rate close to same

North Carolina has hovered around 11 percent unemployment since last April. In January 2009, unemployment statewide was at 9.2 percent.

Since the beginning of last year, the state has lost 114,200 non-farm jobs, officials said. Total employment statewide was 4,036,018 in January.

The national unemployment rate was 9.7 percent in January.

The construction industry sustained the biggest job losses in January, shedding 5,000 jobs, according to the ESC.

Meanwhile, 8,000 jobs were added in the trade, transportation and utility sector, 5,700 were added in professional and business services and 3,700 were added in leisure and hospitality services.

Mike Walden, an economist at North Carolina State University, sees that as a positive indication for the state.

"I do think we'll start to see consistent job gains," he said. "I won't go out on a limb and say every month, but I think the trend now is toward an improvement in the number of jobs."

The road ahead, Walden says, will be tough.

He believes the state's unemployment rate will continue to climb, reaching a peak of possibly more than 11.5 percent in the next few months as more people re-enter the labor force.

"As the job market begins to improve, once again, those folks who have given up looking for work, they start looking for work. They're counted as unemployed, and the rate goes up," Walden said.

By the end of the year, however, he believes the rate could dip below 10 percent.


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  • tpbwetland Mar 12, 2010

    November is around the corner. I will be voting Democrat straight ticket!

  • ncken1 Mar 11, 2010

    If the economy keeps improving at this rate only 5,500,000 will lose their job n the next 12 months. Wait until May/June 2010 when 3 million students – largely O’Bambi voters – enter the job market and can’t afford to leave Mom’s basement.

    If the idiots in DC don’t get their collective heads out of their tails, this is but the beginning. Nobody’s investing, small businesses can’t get loans, more jobs are fleeing our shores daily…and on, and on.

    Oh but we’ve got to do something about health care.

    Well here’s an idea; do something about the job hemorrhage and more people will have health insurance.

  • Finz Up Mar 11, 2010

    I sympathize with folks out there that have lost their job....But if I lost my business today I would have 2 jobs by the end of the day tomorrow whether it be flipping burgers or digging ditches. There are hundreds if not thousands of jobs listed on Craigslist and for some reason many folks feel they are too good to perform them. Nothing wrong with swallowing your pride until that great IT job opens back up.

  • Finz Up Mar 11, 2010

    "Trickle down economics has not worked and will never work to create jobs."

    When money falls it can only fall so far. A lazy person expects it to fall in his lap while a person eager to achieve reaches up and grabs it on the way down. Trickle down economics works fine for those that don't sit on the sofa. Like the old saying can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

  • bngexpress Mar 11, 2010

    this is the hope change thing you all voted for , and just think only three more years,just how much more CHANGE can we stand.

  • BubbaDuke Mar 11, 2010

    Rev - Back in 1997 after retiring from the military, I could not find a job for more than a year. I sent out over 400 resumes and not one interview. Finally I started my own custodial company - but even then I was so far behind on my bills that I lost my house and a car. I'm making less now than I did in 1997. I've got a job and I'm grateful for it, but this is not the American Dream I once believed in.

  • BubbaDuke Mar 11, 2010

    We're all holding on to the jobs we do have with very little confidence in the government's ability to turn the economy around. The government is taking an ever increasing slice of the GDP, meaning that there is less opportunities for businesses to create jobs. Unfortunately, we don't have any leaders in office who know how to turn the economy around, neither at the state, nor the federal levels.

  • tpbwetland Mar 10, 2010

    Phil Graham, as advisor to John McCain's presidential campaign, said in August 2008 - a full 9 months after the recession started - that nothing was wrong with the economy and that when it came to the economy, Americans were a bunch of whiners. Look who's whining the loudest now - Republicans!!! Whaaaaaaaa, waaaa (: Would ya'll like a tissue?

  • tpbwetland Mar 10, 2010

    Trickle down economics has not worked and will never work to create jobs.

  • Adelinthe Mar 10, 2010

    For some good ideas at trying to start over in this market where there are NO JOBS, visit here...

    And those of you who have jobs, thank your lucky stars. You could be in the shoes we're wearing where we're constantly redoing our resumes trying to look better than others, constantly reading job boards, newspapers, etc., for leads, constantly filling out applications for any job we get leads on, including those we know full well we're over-qualified for.

    You just don't know what we're going through right now. Pray you never do.

    God bless.