Affiliated Computer Services to hire 280 in Raleigh

Posted March 8, 2010

Affiliated Computer Services is looking to hire another 280 people in Raleigh.

The rapidly expanding firm, which is also known as ACS, is looking for call center agents and supervisors.

“We start our full time employees off well above minimum wage and offer benefits,” ACS spokesperson Chris Gilligan told “They also have the opportunity to increase pay through performance incentives.”

ACS has been expanding rapidly in Raleigh in recent months and already has 1,100 employees in the capital city. Across North Carolina it has 3,250 people.

The new jobs need to be filled “quickly in order to handle the company’s growth,” ACS said in a statement.

Gilligan said he could not identify the client who needs more services from ACS.

“ACS has an existing client that we serve from this location that is experiencing growth,” he said. “ACS is growing with them to enable their expanded operations.”

People can apply online at the company's Web site.

They also can call (919) 424-9076.

Applications are also being accepted in person at the ACS facility at 2641 Sumner Blvd. in Raleigh.

ACS hired 150 people last November and 250 people last April in Raleigh.

ACS has said repeatedly that its Raleigh area operation has been a “success” based on the region’s talent pool.

ACS, which is part of Xerox, operates 150 call centers around the world and has more than 34,000 employees.


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  • Proud2BUS Citizen Mar 9, 2010

    BigMike – your words are encouraging.

    What is needed is to bring back the jobs that have gone over seas, manufacturing, call centers, etc. As a whole people need to stop thinking that certain jobs are beneath them and be happy that they are earning a living. People need to stop thinking that they have to earn excessive amounts for every job. Bottom line we all need to earn a living and not all of us can make the 6 figure plus incomes. Working in the trenches isn’t always bad.

  • NCSU2311 Mar 8, 2010

    The "greeter" at Wal-Mart on Glenwood was LITERALLY sitting by the door with his eyes shut the other night. WHO CANT GET A JOB?? LOL the next time I went there the "greeter" was talking to herself. An entire conversation. My girlfriend had to pull me away because I was so amazed at this lady talking to herself. WHO CANT GET A JOB???????

  • Luv2Camp Mar 8, 2010

    Way to go Big Mike!!!!

    If that is true about fast food restaurants, I now have ANOTHER reason to stop eating at those joints.

  • bulbous Mar 8, 2010

    I know people that are unemployed and desperately trying to find work. I'm not sure where this "Tom Delay" mindset of people are unemployed because they want to be has come in. It is simply not true. This country has bled jobs, and to think that the majority is out there sitting on their behinds collecting a check is doing a disservice to those that find themselves in the this condition through no fault of their own. They (the majority) didn't collapse the banking system. They didn't take out mortgages they shouldn't have (maybe some did). They just suffer the consequences from it.

  • Big Mike Mar 8, 2010

    Tell him to keep looking....Seniors have a proven record of being more dependable than the younger folks...bilingual or not. A lot of the mall stores have posted jobs in the mall mailrooms or bulletin board areas. Nobody ever know they are there.

    So what am I doing now??....

    After 15 years of this and that....I found my niche'.

    As a homeowner, I know the things it takes to keep a house in shape and maintainted. I've always liked to make thing work again when they break. So now I'm a fixit guy at one of the area super malls.....a maintenance mechanic if you will..I make good money. It pays the bills and there's even a little left afterwards.

    Bottom line....never stop believing that you will make it! I can too....

  • MojoGal Mar 8, 2010

    "You'd be better off with a job that includes asking people if they want to super size it." thatsgreat

    I kind of agree but new problem. 50-year old laid off friend can't get hired there or other fast food places because he's not bilingual. I met the manager at the local McD's and he verified it but stopped short when I accused them of ageism.

  • Big Mike Mar 8, 2010

    I think along the way people have gotten very complacent and think the world owes them something. You get out of it what you put into it.... and if you get laid off... then after the shock of it all, take your talents,fortitude, and get out there and start searching. Sell're not a failure.

    Emprovise, adapt, and overcome!

  • timothycapwell Mar 8, 2010

    Hey, "Big Mike"...what you said, dude! A+

  • working for deadbeats Mar 8, 2010

    You'd be better off with a job that includes asking people if they want to super size it.

  • Big Mike Mar 8, 2010

    Most of you have never had to start over evidentally....suck it up and stop whining, ok? A chance anywhere.. at any price is better than having me having to support you through unemployment benefits.

    There's no excuse if you really want to work. I've worked in dark warehouses, made catalytic convertors,worked 12 hour night and rotating shifts, weekends and anything I could get to help pay the bills....even two jobs at times.....

    And I have a degree in Business Administration and 20+ years in divison manufacturing management...I went from $60K a year to $18K in the beginning. I was one depressed dude until I realized that nobody was going to come knocking on my door to give me a job. I had to get out there and show my face.

    I'm not too proud of my demise, but I am proud that I didn't let any of you support me along the way.

    God bless those who are really trying to find a job...any job...and not complaining about it!