Problem with host knocks ESC Web site offline

Posted February 26, 2010
Updated February 27, 2010

— People seeking to file new unemployment claims or submit certification for continued reception of benefits could not use the North Carolina Employment Security Commission’s Web site.

The site was unreachable Friday because of a problem with the company that hosts it, according to ESC spokesman Larry Parker.

“The problem is outside the state network,” Parker said.

The Web site could be accessed internally, he added. The ESC also managed to post a note on the home page telling people seeking benefits or job information to use the ESC’s phone system.

“There is nothing wrong with the phone system,” Parker said.

Unemployment claims can be filed at 1-877-841-9617.

Updates can be filed at 1-888-372-3453.

Parker said he did not know the name of the hosting company and said ESC was told by the state’s Information Technology Services that that firm is located in the northeast.

“It’s affecting us, obviously,” Parker said of the problem.

Fortunately, he added, most people file for unemployment benefits or submit certification for continued benefits on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.

Unemployment statistics for January will be announced March 10.


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  • Adelinthe Feb 26, 2010

    And another dumb thing about this is...

    Were there no website hosting services based in NC available for this service, thereby putting to work (or keeping at work) unemployed North Carolinians?

    That's disgusting! Where's the sense in that, the loyalty???

    Again, praying for us all.

    God bless.


  • Adelinthe Feb 26, 2010

    Because those who have already been cleared to receive benefits do so online Saturday and/or Sunday depending upon your social security numbers, this means our benefits won't be posted to our accounts on Monday as usual, but whenever...

    Just wonderful.

    They get to use our money for an additional 3-4 days, and we get bupkis, when we're broke, and trying to keep a roof over our heads and food in our kid's bellies.

    Just flipping wonderful.

    Praying for us all.

    God bless.


  • nomo05 Feb 26, 2010

    Unemployement claims will be down. Finally! Some relief. Stimulus is working.

  • Raleigh Boys Feb 26, 2010

    They told me I was overqualified when I applied for a computer job at ESC last month. And part of the job was keeping the servers running. You should have hired me, you might have avoided this mess. But you hired the kemo sabe instead.