PSNC seeks higher natural gas rates

Posted February 18, 2010

— PSNC Energy has filed a request with the state Utilities Commission to raise its natural gas rates by about 10 percent.

The Gastonia-based company, which is the primary gas supplier in the Triangle, wants to increase the "cost of gas" component in the rate it charges to customers. If approved, the average residential gas bill would go up by $9.50 a month, officials said.

Utilities don't make a profit on the "cost of gas" component and merely pass their costs through to customers, officials said. PSNC has cut its rates several times in recent months because the prices they paid to suppliers had dropped.

If approved by the Utilities Commission, the PSNC rate increase would go into effect on March 1.

Meanwhile, Charlotte-based Piedmont Natural Gas has asked regulators in both North and South Carolina to reduce rates about 5 percent, based on lower wholesale costs for natural gas.

The new rates for Piedmont customers also would go into effect March 1 if approved the North Carolina Utilities Commission and the South Carolina Public Service Commission.


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  • james27613 Feb 18, 2010

    No problem with the small increase request, we're paying a lot less compared to 24 months ago.

    NatGas will increase when more utilities gas fired power plants go online in the future.

    I've got a natgas clothes dryer, always warm and saves money
    on the electric bills.

  • micah Feb 18, 2010

    Micah is a small business owner with 4 large buildings and his home heated by gas supplied by PSNC. Since gas is so much cheaper this year, we are quite happy with the cost of our energy thus far this Winter. Even after the increase in March we are still going to be using gas at a cheaper rate than last year this time. Gas here is CHEAP...Electricity is dirt cheap! If you can't afford gas, then don't use it. Oh, and natural gas is bought and sold on the commodities market, so the gas being used now was sold to PSNC many months ago. The gas PSNC is buying right now will be delivered far into the future.

  • aetiii Feb 18, 2010

    I think MICAH is a plant by or employee of PSNC.

  • lilluke0 Feb 18, 2010

    "MICAH"you must be rich or living off someone and don't have bills to pay to side with these high rollers. This is not the time to raise the price of anything with everyone scrapping the bottom of the barrel now as it is!! These CEOs are from Wall Street too if you are late getting your memo take a real good look around Mr.or Mrs.(high & mighty)!

  • mcondor Feb 18, 2010

    Natural gas tumbles on large supplies

    As not new said I hope the utilities commission is not in PSNC's pocket. . .

    - Mark

  • time4real Feb 18, 2010

    we can complain all day. most people have 30% less than they had last year, so if they want anymore from our house, forget it, we'll turn the junk off and put a coat on inside!

  • micah Feb 18, 2010

    PSNC rates in this area are nearly 30% lower than they were last year at the same time. I don't think we have much room to complain. All of our utilities are dirt cheap. If you utilities are very costly, then you have other issues; old inefficient or malfunctioning furnace, poor or no insulation, poor windows, general building air leakage, poor habits (keeping it too warm in your house and/or not keeping furnace filters changed), or a home that is too large.

  • ZRex1102 Feb 18, 2010

    What else is new.

  • Not Now Feb 18, 2010

    PSNC wants to raise their rates because natural gas costs have gone up, but Piedmont wants to lower natural gas rates because costs have gone down... I hope the Utilities Commission is paying attention to this.

  • pack-man Feb 18, 2010

    i'm confused since i read all of this news about the abundance of natural gas and the cost of it going down. why is psnc trying to raise it? my gas bill is already out of control this winter.