Risk management firm picks RTP for headquarters, 430 jobs

Posted December 14, 2009

IEM, an international risk management consulting firm based in Louisiana, will move its headquarters to Durham County and will create 430 jobs, Gov. Bev Perdue announced Monday.

Innovative Emergency Management Inc. could receive as much as $9 million in rebates from withholding taxes paid for employees as part of a Job Development Investment Grant from the state.

North Carolina also awarded IEM a $150,000 grant from the One North Carolina Fund.

Risk management firm picks RTP for headquarters Risk management firm picks RTP for headquarters

The deal is contingent upon incentives from local government, Perdue’s office said in an announcement.

“I am very excited to be moving our corporate headquarters to the Triangle area for three key reasons – its highly educated work force, history of innovation and culture of public and private collaboration,” IEM President and Chief Executive Madhu Beriwal said in a statement.

“Gov. Perdue and the economic development staff throughout the Triangle area have created a positive, business-friendly environment, and I look forward to IEM being a part of this community,” Beriwal added.

IEM is privately held, having launched in 1985. It is currently based in Baton Rouge, La.

The jobs in Research Triangle Park will pay an average wage of $62,778, plus benefits.

“As a technology hub with a vast military presence, the relocation of IEM to North Carolina is a perfect fit that will benefit both the company and the state,” Perdue said in a statement. “This partnership is another step in creating the top-paying, knowledge-based jobs that I am committed to bringing to North Carolina.”

IEM clients include the Pentagon, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Health and Human Services.

The JDIG tax rebate grant was approved Monday morning by the state’s Economic Investment Committee.

“IEM has rightly recognized the unique benefits of being a Research Triangle-based business, and the people of Durham County will receive a tremendous boost from 400 new, well-paying jobs,” 4th District Congressman David Price said in a statement.


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  • wbearp Dec 14, 2009

    Hey make sure you give these guys LOTS of incentives to come here Bev. It worked for Dell LOL

  • dohicky Dec 14, 2009

    manofjustice. Obama had nothing to do with this. Soounds like the incentive Bev is about to give this company (your tax dollars) will get the place. When we start getting jobs that produce needed and affordable goods here in the states, that will be when things turn around. Sorry to say, these jobs are going to other countries. The USA is a service oriented nation. Soon there will be no one to service..

  • protestthis Dec 14, 2009

    oh great- good news that some company actually want's to move here - and lookie golo wants to trash it

  • time4real Dec 14, 2009

    yeah, 100's of jobs, if you qualify! how many of you do?

  • manofjustice Dec 14, 2009

    This is ever so wonderfull. I feel the hands of President Obama setting this world in a glorious motion. He said be patient and he will fix everything and I see it happening right before our eyeballs. When one door is closed don't fret because President Obama will make sure another one opens up. I am so happy and proud to have such a good man to lead this world. Keep up the good work President King Obama. The world is loving you and depending on you.

  • slaterric Dec 14, 2009

    great news that 430 jobs are coming!
    Only the "golo grumps" would find something negative to say about this announcement".

  • Bill Brasky Dec 14, 2009

    "Its called Supply and demand." So, you believe in using market forces to determine job growth with local companies, but not using market forces to bring companies to the area. If I was giving out free money, I'm sure there would be plenty of demand."

    Yes I do because how are you going to sustain the demand of employing those extra workers or the extra demand warranting an expansion of business. If the demand is not there then the jobs are only temperary.

    Now these corporations are global and could setup their headquarters anywhere in the world and RTP is not the cheapest place to run a headquarters, or the most desirable. I think it was a smart decision to give them an incentive to build here, we just have to make sure they stay, and pay the price if they don't.

  • JustAName Dec 14, 2009

    "Its called Supply and demand." So, you believe in using market forces to determine job growth with local companies, but not using market forces to bring companies to the area. If I was giving out free money, I'm sure there would be plenty of demand.

  • StaggerLee Dec 14, 2009

    Gork, maybe I missed a reference in the article, or in a previous comment; but what is the relevance of her political contributions? Especially since it is a Democrat administration giving herthis deal?

  • time4real Dec 14, 2009

    30 jobs, whoopeeeee! If you're qualified you can put in an app!
    way to go Bev, you're saving us 1 cotton ball at time!