World Health Organization certifies GSK's H1N1 vaccine

Posted December 1, 2009

— GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE: GSK) says one of its swine flu vaccines has been certified by the World Health Organization, making it available for use in developing countries.

In a statement issued Tuesday, GSK said WHO had approved its Canadian vaccine after examining its quality and safety data. The vaccine contains an adjuvant, a chemical compound to boost the immune system.

"As H1N1 continues to spread it is critical that all people around the world have access to an effective H1N1 vaccine during the pandemic,” said Jean Stephenne, president of GSK Biologicals. “Since the start of the H1N1 pandemic GSK has been diligently working to achieve this and the WHO prequalification is a key step in ensuring that developing countries can be supplied with Arepanrix.

“The WHO has indicated that developing countries may be hardest hit by the H1N1 pandemic,” she added. “It is clearly our collective responsibility to ensure that we do everything possible to provide vaccine supplies to these countries.”

In November, GSK announced that it has signed an agreement with the WHO to donate 50 million doses of its adjuvanted pandemic H1N1 influenza vaccine to the WHO for the distribution to developing countries most in need.

Last month, Glaxo advised health authorities not to use one batch of its Canadian-manufactured H1N1 vaccine in case it triggered life-threatening side effects like anaphylactic shock.

Several vaccine makers have promised WHO 156 million doses of swine flu vaccine, which it hopes to start shipping to 95 poor countries this month.


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  • wattsun Dec 1, 2009

    Forget to put "know" in my last post.
    Sweet, I wish you all the best of Luck and the best of Health. I encourage you to look deeper inside yourself instead on relying solely on the Doctors and Big Pharma.
    TRUST ME .. I know what it is like to have lost a family member as a result for being too trusting of Doctors and the Meds they push for Big Pharma as being safe.
    You say "Community activists have never produced anything but problems", That is one of the most ludicrous statements I have ever heard .
    Did you ever study the history of this country? Do not forget This country was founded on political dissent.
    As far as Poltics goes, I thinks its comical you somehow think I am Obama supporter. In My Book, The Constitution and Bill of Rights are still more important than any party affiliation. Good Luck

  • wattsun Dec 1, 2009

    LOL ...Huh I still do not why you think I am a Obama suppoter ?

  • sweetsea Dec 1, 2009

    Profit driven companies give to political campaigns to hedge their bets, nothing more. If they produce products that don't work, they will not sell and they will go out of business. I am grateful for the research and innovation in the drug industry and the fact that it has made life longer and better for hundreds of millions of people. I am self pay and take prescription drugs that are expensive but I am glad for the availability. Whenever some of these bright lights like Wattsun develop severe hypertension, blood clots or heart disease, perhaps they will forego the drugs and go directly to Obama, trial lawyer or liberal politician and see what they can do for them. I want the drug companies to prosper and stay in business, provide jobs and keep research going to find treatment and cures to improve the quality and duration of life. Obamacare is the wrong Rx for sure. Community activists have never produced anything but problems.

  • wattsun Dec 1, 2009

    freedomrings= smart lady

  • freedomrings Dec 1, 2009

    I don't trust the vaccine. I'm 9 weeks pregnant and was urged to get it. A male nurse pulled me aside one day and told me he personally would talk his wife out of getting the H1N1 shot because the testing simply isn't there. He encouraged the regular flu shot, but not this one. Now women are coming forward with miscarriage stories. Most in in the first trimester, but up to 17 weeks. Miscarriages have been happening between 24-48 hours of the shot. Women in the second and third trimester have reported contractions. In fact, my best friend got the shot at 33 weeks gestation and 3 days later she went into early labor and had her baby. She's had 3 children prior to this all carried to 40 weeks. I'm sure it doesn't happen to everyone, but it's enough to make me pass it up.

  • offconstantly Dec 1, 2009

    the swine giveth and the swiiiiiiine taketh

  • wattsun Dec 1, 2009

    SweetSea Go put out your head back in the sand.
    The pharmys LOVE ignorance and the uniformed people who blindly trust them.
    The Obama comment is just ignorant. Obama is a puppet in the Pharmys back pocket.
    Do some research before spouting off nothing you have a clue about.

    its about their bottom line not your well being.

  • wattsun Dec 1, 2009

    Hate to say I was right, but I predicted the mutation of H1N1 weeks ago.

    It was very reckless to pass out doses of LIVE VIRUS in a Flu Mist form .. THE WARNINGS WERE RIGHT THERE ON THE INSERT!!!

    Iowa who has also has cases of the mutated virus also passed out the Live Viral Flu Mist Form.
    Coincidence I think not but Time will tell.. I highly doubt the truth will ever come out.

    I can not find any links between these 2 but nonetheless interesting is Iowa and NC are the 2 largest swine producing states.

    lastly, Those who have taken the H1N1 vaccine will have NO immunity against the H1N1 D225G mutation.
    The CDC ,WHO and the MSM press will try to keep this fact buried.

    Doctors in Denver were smart enough to avoid the Flu Mist.

  • sweetsea Dec 1, 2009

    These folk that denigrate drug companies have not the brains to understand that without them the average life expectancy would be about 25 years less. The sad thing is that those who view business as evil have no sense or understanding but vote nonetheless. Thus Obama and the democrat controlled congress.

  • BigUNCFan Dec 1, 2009

    Glad everyone on here is so knowedgable about viruses and how vaccines are developed for them. Nice to know that Goloers have all of the answers and can vaccinate themselves with their own stash created from their vast knowledge of everything.