Gov. puts rush on unemployment benefits for ConAgra workers

Posted November 24, 2009

— Gov. Bev Perdue signed an executive order Tuesday to hasten unemployment benefits for the hundreds of people laid off by ConAgra Foods.

The company cut jobs in earlier this month, citing the lost production at its Garner plant that resulted from a fatal explosion there in June.

The June 9 explosion at the facility caused part of the building's roof to collapse, killing three workers and sending dozens of others to the hospital. A fourth person, contractor Curtis Ray Poppe died last Thursday of injuries suffered in the blast.

Perdue's move means those laid off will not have the standard one-week wait before they can begin collecting unemployment benefits.

State law permits the governor to waive the “waiting week” for the victims of a major industrial disaster.

“Already in the midst of tough economic times, the ConAgra disaster was a major blow to hundreds of North Carolina families,” Perdue said in a statement released Tuesday. “Speeding up unemployment benefits will help these families get back on their feet faster.”


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  • carolinejosh Nov 25, 2009

    I totally agree with the other posters. My husband was laid off from his job on October 2. The economic impact is no greater and no less on our family than on ConAgra's employees. We certainly would have liked to have that one week of (already inadequate) unemployment. Fair is fair - and this action falls squarely outside the realm of fairness to all.

    While on the subject, I should also point out that we have YET to see a check! There was no issue of eligibility whatsoever. The layoff letter states it is solely due to the economic downturn. The Employment Security Commission has taken an outrageous length of time to process the simple paperwork. Today is November 25 and we have not yet received a dime. Governor Perdue - where's empathy for OUR plight????

  • HarleyMan66 Nov 25, 2009

    Like others have said, what happened at ConAgra was horrible, and I feel for the people that were hurt and those that have now been put out of work. However, a layoff is a layoff. Someone told Bev the law allowed her to wave the one week waiting period for those that lost their jobs due to an industrial accident, and she is grandstanding on it. She was trying to draw attention to herself, and she has, but I doubt in the way she wanted! Based on her job performance so far, I give her a "F".

  • veyor Nov 25, 2009

    I believe this is the best example of grandstanding that I have ever seen by a government official. One week? And why doesn't some mother with young children need it just as badly as anyone at ConAgra? Sounds like the Temptation song, "Vote for me and I'll set you free!"

  • gtstallings45 Nov 25, 2009

    you know smcallah and can't stand - i just may be a nut job and the joke is on me - i wasted my vote on bev. unemployment is at an all time high and she is indeed pandering on this issue.

  • Nunya123 Nov 25, 2009

    smcallah - hehe, thanks for pointing that out to them. When the politial nutjobs start ranting, they tend to lose sight of everything - especially facts.

  • smcallah Nov 24, 2009

    "Thanks Pandering Perdue for your lightening speed fix to this tragedy that happened over FIVE months ago. Guess ole Bev was too busy planting her garden, furlowing state employees and off on jaunts to Asia to offer any aid before now."

    Just what are you going on about? The layoffs did not happen over 5 months ago, the accident happened 5 months ago. Conagra just recently announced the layoffs.

  • gtstallings45 Nov 24, 2009

    Thanks Pandering Perdue for your lightening speed fix to this tragedy that happened over FIVE months ago. Guess ole Bev was too busy planting her garden, furlowing state employees and off on jaunts to Asia to offer any aid before now.

    We are so lucky to have such a johnny on the spot speedy governor to help us all as unemployment continues to hover at record levels.

    I surely hope the democrats offer us a better candidate in 2012. Perdue is without a clue.

  • maintman Nov 24, 2009

    It'll be interesting to see whether she goes to the same extreme for the 100 or so Kellogg employees that are about to get canned.

  • givemeabreak Nov 24, 2009

    Yellow_hat. I agree I am out of a state job. I am still waiting for last weeks unemployment check, where is MY special treatment?

  • Eduardo1 Nov 24, 2009

    yellow_hat.....I could not agree with you more! Out of work through no FAULT of your own, is out of work. Gov. Bev, this is grandstanding! And by the way, I do feel for these people and there families, but not more or less than others with no paycheck.