AT&T Wireless restores data access in Triangle area

Posted November 23, 2009

— AT&T Wireless customers in the Triangle area experienced trouble with the network’s high-speed data services on Monday morning.

An AT&T spokesperson in Charlotte said “intermittent” outages had taken place.

Service was restored around 11 a.m.

"Due to an equipment issue, some AT&T customers in the Raleigh area may have experienced issues with their 3G data service earlier this morning," AT&T's Amy Bristle said. "AT&T technicians have resolved the issue, and all service should be running normally. We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers."

A WRAL viewer had contacted to report “No 3G service for me today.”

3G is a reference to third-generation service, which offers higher upload and download services that older networks. 3G also better supports multi-media services such as access to the Web, photos and images as well as video


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  • nyncwork1 Nov 24, 2009

    The problem is not resolved, it's been a week with no service for me, I'm not on the 3G network, the Edge network is what is available in my area and I'm beginning to think that the 3G upgrades are interferring with their Edge network. I'm very frustrated and I want answers. I've spoke with AT&T reps numerous times. Not only do I want credit for the week of no service, I think they are going to have to let me out of my contract so I can obtain service through a different carrier. I've been with AT&T for 4 years with no problems until now. Any ideas on how I can get some kind of results? How long is this going to go on?

  • leo-nc Nov 24, 2009

    Speaking of Android phones, I just saw a new site for that today. They popped up quick.

  • Patriot1 Nov 23, 2009

    Worm not work

  • bbad238 Nov 23, 2009

    UNC 81 - You're right, one of the main selling points is the App store. After using the iPhone though, you start to appreciate that it doesn't ever crash or freeze. It's really a trade off. It doesn't multi-task with everything out there, but its also very stable, unlike Blackberrys I've owned. It just works better. Maybe when Verizon has an iPhone I'll give them a try again, but not with a $350 early termination fee, no thanks.

  • Patriot1 Nov 23, 2009


    The work you speak of is if you dont change the root password of the Iphone which is very easy to do with a mobile terminal downloaded from Cydia. All phones are vunerbale to hackers as was proven at the blackhat conference this year especially when its an open source platform such as your beloved Droid. Do a little research before you comment.

  • UNC81 Nov 23, 2009

    Bbad238 - yes, that's correct. The main selling point for the iPhone is the App Store though.

    You've exposed the most important thing in selecting a carrier. If it works where you are, that's what's important. I can tell you, as an IT manager with 2k+ line AT&T and Verizon accounts, you are in the minority in the southeast with a good AT&T signal, but what's important is that it works for you.

  • UNC81 Nov 23, 2009

    Patriot1 - you can't compare a jailbroken iPhone to another stock phone. Anything can be hacked. You probably don't remember that Apple wanted to make it illegal to jailbreak an iPhone, and also I guess you've seen the worm that attacks unsecured jailbroken iPhones that came out this week? If you're going to compare, make sure it's an apples to apples (pun intended) comparison.

  • sssh.. whisper Nov 23, 2009


    SIM cards are like the magnetic strips on credit cards- they can go bad.

  • timmytim Nov 23, 2009

    edd189 wrote - "Apple - Stop renewing your eclusivity(sic) contract with AT&T!!!!!!"

    AT&T Will keep throwing them wads of cash, because they are smart enough to realize that the iPhone is pretty much the only reason anyone would sign up with AT&T.

  • SomeRandomGuy Nov 23, 2009

    I support AT&T Blackberries at work, and we were notified that AT&T data service was down in ALL of the Carolinas.