Raleigh-based Affiliated Computer Services is hiring

Posted October 12, 2009
Updated November 11, 2009

— Affiliated Computer Services is looking to hire another 150 people in Raleigh immediately, the company said Monday.

Customer care agents, supervisors and managers are needed “in order to accommodate increased business activity,” the company said.

"ACS has several existing contracts with a variety of clients that are growing. Those current clients are turning to ACS to handle the growth," a company spokesperson told LTW and "We are not allowed to disclose our clients’ identity."

"The positions pay above minimum wage with benefits with the opportunity for advancement," he added.

Unlike most other companies in the recession, ACS has been on a hiring binge. In August, it said 465 jobs were available.

ACS has said repeatedly that its Raleigh area operation has been a “success” based on the region’s talent pool.

Training for new positions will begin in November. People can apply online at the ACS Web site or at its office located at 4924 Green Rd., Suite 101.

ACS employs some 2,600 people in North Carolina, most of whom work in Raleigh.

The company works with firms worldwide at 150 centers that support more than 34,000 employees.


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  • timothycapwell Oct 12, 2009

    McDonald's is hiring. I saw the sign today.

  • Space Mountain Oct 12, 2009

    When did WRAL start being an advertiser for other businesses? Sounds like this place isn't really good to work for. It's probably like most places, though, where the higher-ups are treated better than the admin support folks. But it seems they are hiring for people to work the call centers, which barely pay enough to pay the bills. I never thought working just to be able to afford to live was much of a life. Also sounds like they have a lot of turnover. Maybe that is why they are hiring all the time.

  • WRALblows Oct 12, 2009

    Somethin' don't smell right.

  • Professor Oct 12, 2009

    Who is WRAL protecting?


  • foetine Oct 12, 2009

    Sen. Burr votes to defend a gang of rapists and this lame job posting is the lead at WRAL. Who is WRAL protecting?

  • sceeter Oct 12, 2009

    well, if the employment conditions at ACS are as bad as so many here are making them out to be - I'm basically screwed. I've been out of work since New Year's and was hired by ACS last month. I'm to start training in November - yup, in a call center environment.

    They did tell me I'd start out at a wage above minimum. Yet, when I received the offer letter... it stated that after probation I'd be paid on a production goal based wage yet would not make less than minimum. I didn't know this cause it wasn't told to me.

    Yet, I've been out of a job a very long time and was just happy to finally get one. Now, I'm not so sure I should be.

  • MileageWarrior Oct 12, 2009

    I'm very glad to see the comments on this article give all the feedback I was getting ready to share. ACS is a joke!

  • TommyK Oct 12, 2009

    Exactly CNU......equal opportunity. Exactly my point. So for all that want to complain go apply for a management position and save the world by making it all better. It's not always the employers fault, it's the ones that sit around and complain about it that makes the employers have to hire that kind of people. Bad situation for the employers. They can't hire good people because they have to be exposed to all of the trouble that comes in so it eventually attracts all that trouble. I've seen a call center that employed 200 people. Great pay, great benefits, etc. with employees that have been there for 20+ years, but they have to change their door codes every 4 hours because of people getting fired. Kind of aggravating for the good employees. You're not going to make $100k a year if you don't do what you're suppose to.....Remember it's not what you've got, it's how you get there.

  • UNC81 Oct 12, 2009

    Barely above minimum wage, bad working conditions, company known for their shady business dealings, sign me up!

  • sondrajarvis Oct 12, 2009

    The commercial lines part of ACS (which these jobs are in) do not give holidays, sick, or vacation days. Basically you get something like 10-20 personal days that you take during the year (365 days) for what you need. Other than that you work or aren't paid.