Tech firm adding 400 jobs in Triangle

Posted September 24, 2009

— Storage technology giant EMC Corp. (NYSE: EMC) will hire 397 people and invest $280 million in a new research center that will be built in Durham.

Gov. Beverly Perdue and EMC officials made the announcement Thursday afternoon.

EMC already operates one of its major manufacturing facilities in Apex and has a research and development operation in Research Triangle Park.

The jobs will be created over five years.

Local tax incentives from the city of Durham and Durham County are still required by EMC before the project is formally approved, according to Perdue.

EMC, which is based in Massachusetts, already employs more than 900 people in the state. The company focuses on storage technology and services.

The company could receive well over $7 million in tax rebates as part of a Job Development Investment Grant that was approved on Thursday by the state Economic Investment Committee. The rebates are based on a percentage of employee withholding taxes paid by EMC for the jobs it adds.

“Information technology companies provide sustainable, well-paying jobs for more than 100,000 workers in North Carolina,” Perdue said in a statement. “When a world leader in the industry such as EMC Corp. chooses to expand here, it reinforces our message that this is the place for IT companies to do business.”

The new jobs will pay an average salary of $74,325, plus benefits.

“EMC already has an extensive footprint in the state, so the grant enables us to continue investing in and leveraging North Carolina’s world-class talent pool to drive EMC’s innovation and long-term growth,” Bob Hawkins, EMC’s vice president for operations in North Carolina and an active leader in the state’s technology sector, said in a statement.

In July, EMC won a bidding war with NetApp, which also has a major RTP presence, for data storage firm Data Domain. Data Domain operates a facility in RTP as well.


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  • berkeleybear Sep 25, 2009

    EMC is a very good company. They are much larger than NetApp and their portfolio is better. Anytime you get an industry leader to open an office in your town, it's great news as their future growth may lead to increases to the office head count.

    I don't agree with the H-1B comments in this thread. I am a native born American with BS/MS degrees in Computer Science. I've never had a problem getting a job and have no fear of competing with H-1B visa holders. None of my degreed coworkers have a problem getting jobs either.

    Reputable companies do not hire H-1Bs to drive down wages. They hire them because they can't find qualified US citizens to do the jobs.

    I hired a few for my team. They were much better than the US candidates I looked at. They make well over $100k and are contributing to the local area by paying taxes, buying homes, cars, food, TVs, furniture, etc...

    I'd rather have the jobs here than outsourced to India/China. H-1B is a good program.

  • strawberrysw4 Sep 25, 2009

    spacemountain: Obviously you have no idea how hard large corporations are taxed.

    Quit the complaining people, be glad that more jobs are coming!

  • Space Mountain Sep 25, 2009

    Why are we giving tax breaks to already wealthy companies than can afford to hire people at an average of almost $75,000 a year? They don't need the tax breaks to hire more people.

  • CarolinianByChoice Sep 25, 2009

    Great news on new jobs moving to the area but I gotta laugh about the tax breaks - guess EMC will be able to afford even more box seats at the Alltel pavilion now - but in the end even that boosts the local economy too, huh?

  • annieaamrm Sep 25, 2009

    OMG NCStatepack - you are complaining for being off by three... guess WRAL should of said approximately instead. For the nit picking folks.

  • strawberrysw4 Sep 25, 2009

    Boy do we have some negative people on here! This is great news, 400 more jobs and people are just whining and complaining. Not just 400 more jobs, but high paying jobs at that. So what if people move in from out of town to fill some of these positions - they'll be buying homes and spending money too. These jobs don't just benefit those filling the positions, they benefit the entire community.

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxx Sep 25, 2009

    "Wow, all the chicken littles must be asleep, where are they to tell us the sky is falling?

    Guess it's taking them awhile to spin this good news and sign of economic recovery in to something negative.'

    Ah, sadly you spoke too soon, froggytroat. Most people on this site can find fault with anything and everything.

  • TontoKozlowski Sep 24, 2009

    Is this an example of a "Shovel Ready Jobs"? Just wondering..While this is definitely good news, I was just wondering where all the "Shovel Ready" jobs are that were supposed to occur as part of the massive bailout...

  • MileageWarrior Sep 24, 2009

    what a bunch of negative nancies. i work for data domain, and we couldnt be happier under the EMC umbrella. EMC has been voted the triangles #1 place to work, and there is good reason for that. the benefits are awesome, the pay is great, and the term 'micromanage' is unheard of. it's wonderful, and hands down, the best place i've ever worked.

    thank god we dont hire people with such negative attitudes. we dont need that kind of dead weight bringing us down.


  • oldrebel Sep 24, 2009

    Good to see some positive news like this. Makes everything a little less gloomy!