Gas hits national average of $4 for first time

Posted June 8, 2008

— Drivers on Sunday paid an average of $4 for a gallon of gasoline for the first time, according to AAA and the Oil Price Information Service.

The national average price for a gallon of regular gas rose to $4.005 overnight from $3.988. That number is 89 cents higher than a year ago.

The average price in North Carolina also rose about a cent overnight – but remained under $4, at $3.927. Drivers were paying $3.943 in Raleigh and $3.914 in Fayetteville.

Some gas stations in Raleigh, though, were charging up to $4.06 a gallon on Sunday, according to WRAL's FuelTracker.

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For Triangle residents, that's an average 88-cent increase from a year ago and a nearly 92-cent rise for Fayetteville drivers – who were paying under $3 for a gallon of gas in June 2007.

The most expensive gas was selling at $3.964 in Asheville, and the cheapest was going for $3.902 in Wilmington.

However, consumers in many parts of the country however, have already been paying well above that price for some time. In California, some gas stations were pushing at $5 a gallon on Friday.

Gas is expected to keep climbing, putting greater pressure on consumers and businesses, because the price of oil is soaring in futures markets. Light, sweet crude shot up nearly $11 a barrel Friday and approached $140 for the first time.

Along with higher fuel costs, consumers are also contending with higher prices for food and other goods because of rising transportation costs.


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  • shep8851 Jun 9, 2008

    Heard a radio commentator today make the statement that the oil companies on get 4 % of the pump price. When Exxon reports a
    10 (TEN) BILLION dollar PROFIT for the first 90 days ( 1st quarter) of 2008--why do I have a hard time believeing this?? The public is not standing up and hollering because we have become accustomed to 3.50--4.00 per gallon. And the oil companies know that congress does not have the testicles/backbone to do anything about it.

  • mrtwinturbo Jun 9, 2008

    You could always build your own hydrogen generator, my garden tractor no longer runs on gas.

    Just google Hydrogen Generator for cars, they are real cheap to build.(mine cost under $40) Here is a site to get you started

  • TheAdmiral Jun 9, 2008

    Call it fear mongering but the price of your food and all of those wonderful toys you buy, especially those "Sex in the City" types who can't do without those $300 shoes is getting ready to skyrocket.

    Think about it. You beg for the days when things were cheaply priced, but yet we forced all of the companies to send their stuff overseas, and now we are seeing the price goes up where we can't afford it.

    The self-richeous and self-centered have led us down a path of self-destruction.