Company Bringing 70+ Jobs to Kinston's Global TransPark

Posted August 9, 2007

— A new company is coming to Kinston’s Global TransPark and is bringing about 72 jobs to the area, company officials announced Thursday.

CEO Chris Garville is moving Commerce Overseas Corporation's headquarters from California to Kinston. The Global TransPark seemed to be a perfect fit for a company that offers parts-purchasing and delivery services to military aviation contractors.

“Terrific location – the airport facility here is just fantastic,” Garville said.

More than $140 million in state and federal funds have been spent on the GTP since 1991. Early studies predicted it would create more than 50,000 jobs and pump billions of dollars into eastern North Carolina's economy.

Today, there are 12 companies employing a few hundred. The GTP needs more companies, such as Garville’s, to bring more jobs.

“We have plenty of room here for companies to locate,” said Gene Conti, GTP Authority vice president. “We have a 300-acre industrial park hardly filled up at all.”

Some critics say the TransPark is a waste of money.

“I think part of the TransPark’s problem has been over-hyping its promise, and we’re building it one step at a time,” Conti said.

Doug Byrd with the State Commerce Department said his agency is not discouraged by the GTP's slow growth.

“The Research Triangle Park sat there for a long time before it began to grow,” Byrd said. “Things are beginning to come together down here.”

Garville said he knows the TransPark's history and has no reservations about moving his company here.

“This is a, quote unquote, sleeping giant from the standpoint that it's a fantastic facility,” he said. “And I just think it’s undiscovered.”

The GTP will receive $1.6 million in state funding in next year's budget. The TransPark authority said that number has been the same for several years. The long-term goal is to have the facility stand on its own through tenant funding.


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  • shine Aug 10, 2007

    You would never get the truth - but it would be interesting to see what the Department of Commerce, State, Eastern Partnership, Economic Development among others GAVE - Commerce Overseas Corporation - to go there with approx. (72) jobs. ( Is 72 an approximate figure?)
    The BIG problem (NC) has is that it does NOTHING for it's EXISTING business - but they do everything for someone promising the world and bringing a new business to the state. Over and again I have seen millions of dollars of incentives given to a new business just to flim flam the State when it packs up and leaves.
    Lets don't help the ones that have been here, pay taxes, rotate the economy, keep people employed, have been the "BIG OAK" in your yard North Carolina, but rather give it to someone you have NO history with that is "here today - gone tomorrow- "

  • ejrsut Aug 10, 2007

    As a life long resident of the Kinston area,I have seen other surrounding counties grow at a enourmous rate,I think the state & federal gov., should demand to see more companies locating here before they keep pouring more taxpayers money in, also it's good that someone want's to come here, but I'll hold off on the cheering until I see the doors open & people are actually working there.

  • squawk08 Aug 10, 2007

    I live in eastern NC and the problem is poor building and the lack of a social scene. Fortune 500 companies will not relocate to an area that consider's Wal Mart to be upscale or Applebees to be a 5 star restaurant. It will take more to bring the jobs and companies here, lets start with giving some of these old eastern nc towns a facelift.

  • WOLF EM Aug 9, 2007

    Eastern NC has a very hard time bringing in jobs and companys that provide them. This thing may work after all. Somewhat like RTP, as stated above. It was just slightly ahead of its time to borrow an old Panasonic slogan......

  • wralfan Aug 9, 2007

    The airport facility should be fantastic... WE certainly paid enough for it. Anyone still have their GTP license plates?

    And is this biz going to support that black ops Aero Contractors?

  • FloydRTurbo Aug 9, 2007

    Jim Hunt's honchos drained all the initial funding for GTP via endless "feasibility studies" and elaborate icing on a cake that was never baked.

    John Kasada's vision was a sound one ..... until the politicians including a few Hunt buddies in Lenoir County got hold of it.

    It's NOT simply partisan bashing to lay the blame for GTP at Jim Hunt's doorstep.

  • gnew46 Aug 9, 2007

    Jim Hunt was an Economic Development Governor and did a great job promoting our state.

  • No Quarter Aug 9, 2007

    I'd blame the hands on management of the "initiatives" instead of Hunt. At least the four term governor made inroads toward progress in education. Can't give him credit for that, though, because he was in the wrong party for NC.

  • Fun Aug 9, 2007

    A Jim Hunt "rubber lips" boondoggle...sheer waste, just like the book he wrote and passed out to all school teachers.

  • No Quarter Aug 9, 2007

    The investment in Eastern NC has apparently been very stagnant. $140 million since 1991 for the GTP? Nonprofits like FORENC, Golden Leaf Foundation, and their corporate partners have shown virtually no results from their efforts. No wonder most NC residents view Eastern NC as just another obstacle to meander through on the way to the beach.