No Postseason Could Chill Canes Financially

Posted March 30, 2007

— The struggles of the Carolina Hurricanes a year after their run to the Stanley Cup isn't just rough on fans. Missing the NHL playoffs will squeeze the team's bottom line.

Average attendance at Canes home games is up this year as the team rides the success of its 2006 championship. About 13,000 season tickets were sold this year, and many fans continue to hold out hope that the team can sneak into the playoffs and make another run this spring.

"We got a good group of players out there," fan Roger Kelley said. "We just got to get back to the game that got us to the Stanley Cup."

"It's been tough. I think the team has been injured since opening day, and I don't think they've gotten healthy," fan Mike Dinola said.

But in the front office, a playoff run could mean the difference between a profit and a loss for the year.

Last year, the Canes turned their first profit since moving to North Carolina a decade ago. Losses in previous years sometimes approached $20 million.

"We don't budget for the playoffs, which is a good thing," said Dave Olsen, vice president and general manager of the RBC Center.

But Olsen readily acknowledged that another playoff appearance would only add to the team's and arena's coffers.

"It's huge," he said. "For our organization last year to finally turn a profit for our owner, it's that important."

Another successful postseason also could mean a boost in next year's season ticket base. But some fans are taking a wait-and-see approach.

"We haven't committed. We're still talking about it," fan Dan Munnelly said.


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  • ger Mar 31, 2007


  • valleyind Mar 31, 2007


  • camanderikfan Mar 31, 2007

    I'm so sick and tired of the non-hockey lovers and their smart comments. Well, I don't follow backetball or football but I have no problem with and I don't make comments about a sport I don't watch. You don't like fine, don't read anything about it and keep your stupid mouth shut.

  • BadDayforButch Mar 31, 2007

    Very few NHL teams actually make a profit each year. As with most sports franchises, the real money is made in the the team equity. These franchises go up in value each year and when the owners sell they cash in. BTW, I really have to thank WRAL for pointing out the obvious that the team makes less money when they play less games at home ! Who would have thunk it !

  • valleyind Mar 31, 2007

    Gatsby, stay at home and watch figure skating with your toy poodle. I was @ the game last night and it was great. You can't make me like watching men's naked water polo, so I can't make you like hockey.

  • Gatsby Mar 31, 2007

    I attended my first hockey game this year when the canes played the Coyotes.I must say that it was like watching grass grow on a rock.There was a stop in the "Action" every 30 seconds.They got out played and whipped 3-0 and I did not even get to hear Flair do his thing on the jumbo screen which would have been the highlight of the night.The players looked as if they showed up for the check only that game and obviously left me not caring to go back.Bottom line is ...I know because I did go.Having a team here does not bother me as long as they stay out of the taxpayers pocket and it pays for itself or contributes to the community.Otherwise bortz4prez may be right.

  • brian2380 Mar 31, 2007

    Atlanta Thrashers get the 2008 allstar game
    Montreal Canadiens get the 2009 allstar game

    That is 2 Eastern Conference teams in a row, one is in our division, so you now the 2010 allstar game and most likely the 2011 allstar game will be from the Western Conference.

    So it looks like at the earliest it will be the 2012 season Raleigh would get the game, but it probably will be much later than that.

    Not sure what got me going on that lol, oh well.

  • brian2380 Mar 31, 2007

    Whatever happened to the allstar game Bettman promised the Hurricanes fans? As far as I know the allstar game is already schedule to the year 2009.

    Didn't he say if the Hurricanes sold a certain number of season tickets (12,000?) then we would have the allstar game within 5 years, and that was 3-4 years ago.

    I have a idea, put a better product on the ice, and you will make more money. The games I have seen this year have been a joke. We are still not out of the playoffs yet, but last night's loss against the Lightning hurt real bad. At least Montreal and the Islanders both lost as well.

  • Corvette Sales Mar 31, 2007

    Go Canes and bortz4prez go to a game. I got free tickets and VIP parking.

  • farcry Mar 31, 2007

    bortz4prez, apparently you cared enough to read the story and comment on it (as sorry as that comment was). Go to a game and see all the "caniacs" and you'll know who cares. Or go to an Ale House during a Cool Bars night and you'll see. Just because you don't like it, don't assume that others feel the same. Go watch NASCAR or whatever so-called sport it is you enjoy and let us hockey fans enjoy our 'Canes.