Gas prices climb past $4 mark, break Labor Day record

Posted September 2, 2012
Updated September 11, 2012

— Gas prices at several Mebane fuel stations climbed past the $4 mark Sunday, while pump prices nationwide broke the all-time record for Labor Day weekend.

Hurricane Isaac is one reason for the price increase, which has crept up about one penny each day since the Fourth of July, according to AAA Carolinas.

In the Triangle, prices are up about 19 cents over Labor Day weekend last year.

Edith Perry said many drivers have no choice but to pay extra.

"Gas prices go up at the most inappropriate times," she said. "Times when you know people are traveling quite a bit and, with the economy as it is, people are traveling more within 300 or 400 miles, you know, locally."

Gas prices in Mebane climb past $4 Gas prices in Mebane climb past $4

Less than one mile away from a Mebane BP with unleaded gas for $4.07, WRAL News spotted stations selling gas for around $3.70. That's why drivers should do some research before just filling up at the nearest pump.

Fuel Tracker lists where to find the least expensive gas in the area.

Prices are expected to drop once peak summer driving season winds down. In the meantime, Tim Crutchfield said he's staying home.

"I don't get to go out as much," he said. "I pretty much go to work and stay home. That's all I can afford."


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  • Realthoughts Sep 4, 2012

    Unfortunately, I think we need law that prohibits gas stations from changing their pricing except only when they have received a new shipment to the actual station. This would prevent all this changing the prices two, three times a day or on the fly over night.

    We all know this, there is no way that slightest increase of decrease in the cost or supply should affect the price the pump as it does. Gas companies do it because they can!

  • Geez Louise Sep 4, 2012

    If the markets determine the price of gas, how can the price change during the weekend when the markets are closed?

  • kcn1350 Sep 4, 2012

    LFileds2 Price Gouging? If that's what you really think it is then report it because that is against the law.
    Opening the keystone pipeline and new refineries in America would drop the price of gas by 2.00. The real gouging is coming from the President.

  • lfields2 Sep 4, 2012

    Prices are expected to drop once peak summer driving season winds down...doing a little price gouging??

  • signify6644 Sep 4, 2012

    The Obama Energy Plan: Had Enough?