NC jobless rate worsens to 9.6 percent in July

Posted August 17, 2012


— The unemployment picture in North Carolina worsened in July with the jobless rate increasing to 9.6 percent after being stuck at 9.4 percent for the previous three months.

The July rate is the highest since 9.7 percent in March. It is down from 10.7 percent a year ago.

Data from the Labor and Economic Analysis Division at the North Carolina Department of Commerce released Friday reported that seasonally adjusted non-farm employment did grow by 1,800 jobs to 3.96 million. The biggest amount of hiring came in the leisure and hospitality services sector, which added 5,900 jobs.

"In July, the private sector gained 16,000 jobs," said Dale Carroll, deputy secretary at the Department of Commerce.

However, the number of people unemployed grew by just more than 5,000 at 444,694 from June.

The state lost 14,000 government jobs in June, but many of those are temporary given that school districts reduce jobs in summer months.


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  • hardycitrus Aug 17, 2012

    I know, let's elect republicans and spend the next 4 years argueing about race, religion, and birth control. That'll help!

  • linspace Aug 17, 2012

    God ole Bev Perdy and Osama oh I mean Obama... policies at work... I always get those two confused since their ultimate goal is the same.. just different methods..

  • Just the facts mam Aug 17, 2012

    Employment rate not going to get better until Pat and Mitt get elected into office soone...

  • mep Aug 17, 2012

    So we missed another "summer of recovery"....... Obamanomics... had enough yet?

  • storchheim Aug 17, 2012

    "Does your CEO walk into a room of lower level employees and explain that they are about to outsource or a downsize?"

    No, she emailed us. And although I've been without a job since then, I have to admire her for telling the truth.

  • jet2rdu Aug 17, 2012

    "The stimulus bill pulled us out of the immediate problem and prevented the next great depression."Keyboard cat

    Obama told the American people that if the stimulus bill was signed into law, unemployment wouldn’t go above 8%. His stimulus plan has failed and his ultrapartisan approach in passing it set the tone for his presidency. The staggering amounts of taxpayer funds with so few positive results is a disgrace.

    Billionaire Dem donors who received a lot of money from the Obama stimulus include: Solyndra's George Kaiser; Tesla Motor's Leon Musk, Larry Page & Sergey Brin; NRG Energy's Warren Buffett, Steven Cohen, and Carl Icahn; Abound Solar Manufacturing’s Pat Stryker; and Siga Technologies’Ronald Perelman, Al Gore whose investment in Fisker Automotive was rewarded with a $529M loan guarantee. Funny that about 75% of loans & grants were given out to companies run by Obama supporters.

    The mainstream media’s refusal to thoroughly investigate the stimulus bill is shameful.

  • signify6644 Aug 17, 2012

    The Obama Economy: The Curse that never ends...

  • ncsuwx Aug 17, 2012

    Good to see Paul Stam and Thom Tillis are living up to their words to focusing on building a strong job base, and creating jobs in North Carolina. They both said building jobs in North Carolina is their #1 priority.

    I still can't figure out why all these social issues seem to be such a big deal with them since that's what they campaigned so much for. Oh well, if you're working for Tillis or Stam, you're doing well, you're making a living, making some pretty good raises, and getting paid, even when you're forced to retire for cheating on your spouse with lobbysist. All in the name of jobs for NC!

  • jwjsdj Aug 17, 2012

    Well, Guess Obama Happy Some More. He doesn't want to Really Help America. Look at the Aggreement he made with China, to Build the Majority of the Bridges In the U.S., with Chinese workers and All that Money, No Taxes, is going to Boost China's Economy, NOT U.S..

  • gswalker51 Aug 17, 2012

    Obama will never take the "blame" for anything...of course, if the economy miraculously turns around before the convention, he'll be the first to take all the credit.