Hoke to get two hospitals under agreement

Posted April 5, 2012

— Cape Fear Valley Health and FirstHealth of the Carolinas said Thursday that they have reached an agreement allowing both hospital systems to open hospitals in Hoke County.

The agreement comes after months of mediation between the sides and appeals to state regulators to halt each other's projects, which were both approved in September 2010.

Cape Fear Valley plans to build a 41-bed hospital on U.S. Highway 401, including an emergency room, two operating rooms and a birthing center. The Fayetteville-based hospital system already is building an outpatient center on the site.

FirstHealth plans to build an eight-bed hospital with a 24-hour emergency room, also on U.S. 401.

“We have a longstanding commitment to serve the residents of Hoke County and are excited about bringing the county’s residents their own full-service hospital,” Michael Nagowski, chief executive of Cape Fear Valley Health, said in a statement.

“Hoke County desperately needs access to emergency room care and hospital services. We are excited to start building and look forward to bringing FirstHealth’s quality health care services to Hoke County residents," David J. Kilarski, chief executive of FirstHealth, said in a statement.


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  • achilles7ls2 Apr 5, 2012

    Ok lets see for starters CFVMC has 77 beds in the ED which are pretty much always full. Regardless of what anyone thinks the government was never going to shut it down, or take its money away. The state is not going to close the only hospital in the 5th largest city in the state. Quiet frankly it is foolish to believe they would.
    A second hospital would go along way in relieving the troubles at CFV. Of course people using some common sense before coming to the ED would work too! (oh wait that would be expecting way to much)maybe actually using a Primary care doctor?
    But back to the main issue. Too many people for the facility to handle. Criticize as you will but until you have tried to do the job you are not going to understand.
    Also, medicine does not work on the Burger King do not always get it your way. Triage takes the most life threatening first. I truly doubt anyone sat in the waiting room with a knife in there chest..really? Urban legends 101 maybe?

  • Sherlock Apr 5, 2012

    First Health needs to build a bigger hospital, the ER in CFVMS has over 30 beds. 1st Health is just a way station. CFVMC does have many problems which they are able to bluff their way out of when th egovt trys to take their money.

  • ghimmy51 Apr 5, 2012

    Cape fear Valley is the worst hospital in the state. I once waited in the ER beside a guy with a full size kitchen knife sticking out of his chest. They are more concerned with your insurance details and your mom's maiden name than they are if you die. They are constantly being investigated for negligence. I recently needed an emergency room and chose to drive an hour to Moore Regional Hospital, which is First Health. I went straight in, was seen by a doctor immediately and all there were pleasant, concerned and helpful. I left with my problem solved probably before I would have left the waiting room at Cape Fear Valley.