Postal Service to close Fayetteville, Kinston processing centers

Posted February 23, 2012

— The U.S. Postal Service will shift most mail processing operations from two Fayetteville centers to Charlotte, officials said Thursday.

The agency also plans to shut down a processing center in Kinston and shift those operations to Raleigh.

No date has been set for the transfers.

The two Fayetteville mail processing and distribution facilities employ more than 400 people combined.

"The decision to consolidate mail processing facilities recognizes the urgent need to reduce the size of the national mail processing network to eliminate costly underutilized infrastructure,” Megan Brennan, the Postal Service's chief operating officer, said in a statement. “Consolidating operations is necessary if the Postal Service is to remain viable to provide mail service to the nation.”

A study found last year that the Postal Service could save nearly $22 million by closing its facility on Green Street and an annex on Downing Road in Fayetteville and shifting operations to a facility in Charlotte that has excess capacity. The move would improve efficiency and productivity, according to the study.

The Fayetteville and Kinston processing and distribution facilities are among 252 around the country that have been studied for closure. The Postal Service has 487 such operations nationwide.

Postal Service spokeswoman Monica Robbs said in December that many Fayetteville workers would have the opportunity to move to Charlotte, but more than 100 jobs would be eliminated in the consolidation.

It's unclear whether any Kinston employees will be offered jobs in Raleigh.


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  • NamVet68 Feb 27, 2012

    To all the 400 people who will lose their job, my heart goes out to you. But look at the reason you're are loosing your job. You're having to give up your job so 400 moochers can continue to receive free food stamps, medical care, welfare, cell phones and probably many more that I don't know about. Most of the moochers would not take a job if one was offered. During these budget cuts,not one dime has been taken away from them and not one of them has been taken off the rolls. What about them paying their fair share? Most of this has happened because of the policies of democrats. Come November, think about your lost job when you go to vote.

  • doubletap357 Feb 24, 2012

    One of the reasons the Postal service can't compete is because of the congressionally mandated pre-funding of retirement and medical benefits. The postmaster has requested this be changed but congress has not acted on it.

  • vgambini Feb 24, 2012

    If the USPS would charge full price for junk mail and newspapers instead of giving the mailers and publishers sweetheart pricing, their financial situation might improve. Since we do all of our business online, the postal service could cut back to one day per week delivery without affecting us. All they would deliver then would be a few magazines that we enjoy reading.

  • ncboi99 Feb 24, 2012

    Sad how everybody wants to attack the Unions! The Union is not perfect! But all you folks that attack the Unions in America better wake and read History about all the good Unions have done in America the very reason folks in ALL OF AMERICAS Workforce is better that workers! In say China,india and these other sweat shop having country's is because of the good fight Unions fought, people died so you can have half way decent Labor laws in America so you won't be treated like dogs! the American worker needs to thank the Unions for fighting for all Americans when no one else will stop attacking Unions you wanna attack and organization then attack these darn big banks that ripped America off !

  • ladyblue Feb 24, 2012

    No matter what you think of email, your mother likes it when you mail her pictures of the kids.

    Do like my kids did and got me a computer and taught me how to use it so i have pictures now forever and don't have to tote them around.

    As far as business goes the USPS with it's unions has been overpaying salaries and have been working at under efficieny compacity for so long they have become customed to the good life.

  • chuck1947 Feb 24, 2012

    If you don't like the service, go somewhere else. Oh, I forgot. You can't. The government wins again. All they will save by closing the facilities, is the rent, utilities and maintenance. None of the dead weight workers will lose their job. It's in there contract. Thousands of workers sit around all day waiting for there little bit of work to be done, then they punch out and go home. If a gung ho supervisors tries to get them to help a junior worker who is backed up, they say it is not their job classification. If he insists, they file a complaint with the union. If that does'nt work, they go postal and kill the guy, then get work related stress disability until they reach retirement age at 55. If I sound biter, I am. I lost one of those soft jobs back in the seventies when I learned that veterans and blacks got ten points each on the test and I only scored 19 points higher. So much or being a white guy with a heart murmur.

  • aetius476 Feb 24, 2012

    We have to give the USPS the freedom to run their affaairs like a business and do what they need to do to survive. They are supposedly self sustaining but political interference driven by special interests (primarily labor unions) tie their hands.

    The postmaster general has been begging congress to let them restructure, reduce benefits, close facilities and headcount, reduce serve, etc.

    The whole thing has become a dinosaur and is little more than a protected job bank for unionized parasites.

  • LuvLivingInCary Feb 24, 2012

    the post office has consistently raised their prices for simple things and now they are adding days to the delivery. you don't win the battle by raising prices and cutting service.

    geez, do these people have any common sense...

  • corey3rd Feb 23, 2012

    "But don't let those things bother your ability to understand how a business works." corey3rd

    Thank you madam for your magnanimous condescension!

    You earned it.

  • corey3rd Feb 23, 2012

    UPS and FedEx can't afford to get into the first class mail business and delivering in on a daily basis. How many stops in your neighborhood does the UPS or FedEx person visit in your neighborhood a day? They would have to add more people and more trucks and have to charge nearly $3 a letter to make it worth their while. Mail will always be a money losing proposition yet it is a vital part of insuring that Americans can communicate with each other. No matter what you think of email, your mother likes it when you mail her pictures of the kids.