As gas prices climb, drivers try to save at the pump

Posted February 14, 2012

Gas Prices

— Gas prices are on the rise in North Carolina and across the country, and it's changing the way some people get around.

Over the past month, gas prices went up 17 cents a gallon, according to AAA Carolinas, putting the average price at the pump at $3.61 as of Tuesday.

Experts tie the rise in fuel prices to four American refineries that are down for repair, putting a dent in the nation's gas supply.

It means Wesley Ackerman, of Fayetteville, pumps $85 worth of gas when he fills up his pickup truck to visit his girlfriend, who lives 30 minutes away.

Rising gas prices affect drivers' choices Rising gas prices affect drivers' choices

"I wish I had a Prius," Ackerman joked.

He said the cost of gas has definitely affected his daily life.

"It does affect the choices you make, like where you eat (and) what you do on the weekends," he said.

Eric McArthur is considering buying a moped to save money.

"The gas is too high," he said. "I don't think it's right. I really don't."


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  • Screw WrAl Feb 16, 2012

    When NBC and all the major news outlets lead with the "high gas price stories" you can bet the fear mongering is about to boost us right past the $4 mark. From there it's a good bet we're slamming $4.50 a gallon by mid summer. If Iran goes ballistic, Syria continues with their mess, we'll be staring $5 a gallon right in the face and the outrage will still be no where to be found with most Americans. The minions will keep filling up.

  • mmtlash Feb 15, 2012

    The higher gas prices go the closer to home I stay and less I spend.....end of story

  • Bill Brasky Feb 15, 2012

    "Until the Prius or whatever is paid off I don't see where you're saving any money! You're still buying high priced gas AND paying for the car. Yeah the price at the pump hurts but so does writing that car payment check each and every month for 3-6 years."

    Well you don't have to buy a brand new car. Prius's have been around for a almost a decade now. In fact, the 2009's are currently going for around 16k...and in a few years the Volts and leafs will be in everyones price range, I would also expect the price on new Volts to drop once other car companies enter that market and competition begins.

  • HopingForABetterWorld Feb 15, 2012

    If a few cents matters to MOST people (there are some that it truly does), then we have problems. Maybe some of these people being affected so deeply should stop driving to Starbucks (saves gas AND the money for overpriced coffee). Stop eating out as many nights as many people do. Eliminate data plans on cell phones. There are a lot of luxeries that we are fortunate enough to indulge in...and if the price of gas is really that big of a deal, maybe some of the luxuries should go.

  • Gatsby Feb 15, 2012

    Vietnam Vet:

    #1 first...Thank you for serving..The REAL American Heros are you guys.

    The Prius is really the only "affordable" option and happens to be the most proven at this point being around since 2002 or so. At a staring price of $22K you get a 10 year battery replacement warranty if need (rarely needed...check google),smooth ride,enough power & save $$$. If you really take notice the Prius is beginning to be one of the most visible vehicles on the road...look around on your next trip. Oh and the guy that was talking about riding his motorcycle and killing the Prius in MPG? Nah...You will get 45-50 ALL DAY on a Prius so that 51 on a open air machine pales in comparison.You are right about 50K volts or 35K Nissans though...would not go there with both unproven and cost prohibitive.

  • delilahk2000 Feb 15, 2012


  • Screw WrAl Feb 15, 2012

    "Politicians have very little or no control over gas prices."

    Apparently the same can be said about the complainers who keep filling up.

  • uba Feb 15, 2012

    Politicians have very little or no control over gas prices. The only thing that they can do is release strategic petroleum reserve which his only a nominal short-term impact. Gas prices are going to be high and go higher with the only thing seriously affecting it being economic downturn. You can either adapt to this by trying to mitigate the cost by buying more fuel efficient vehicles, or not it's your choice.

  • Shelley Cooper Feb 15, 2012

    dangit, let's get bachmann back in the gop race, she promised us 2 dollar gas if she's elected prez and i for one believe her

    i also believe rush, and sean, and my bust of ronnie

  • fishon Feb 15, 2012

    ***this is the biggest lie.. Gas was rising before he got in office. I dont know what you expected. He came in when the problem was in full effect. If you expected him to fix what took someone else two terms to brake then you decieved yourself. I hope you dont think that anyone else was gullible enough to believe the lies you are trying to spead. Get Real!

    Nancy Pelosi was screaming the dems would fix the high gas prices if reelected when Bush was in charge. They were reelected. The prices are higher now. Why isn't she screaming about it now?