Chick-fil-A puts finishing touches on two-story Raleigh location

Posted February 7, 2012

— The world's first double-decker Chick-fil-A restaurant opens next month in Raleigh, as part of a major renovation project at the city's oldest shopping center.

The grand opening celebration at the new Cameron Village Chick-fil-A, at the corner of Cameron Street and Woodburn Road, is March 1. The restaurant will feature a second story outdoor patio with a view of the Raleigh skyline, a large atrium and a two-lane drive-thru.

The company chose the 63-year-old shopping center for this landmark two-story location because of its uniqueness. Chick-fil-A Double decker Raleigh Chick-fil-A nears opening

"We've got restaurants now in 40 states across America, and I can tell you, categorically, there's only one Cameron Village. It is so special," said Chick-fil-A spokesman John Featherston.

He said it has taken several years to come up with a design that fits the missions of both the restaurant and its location.

"We tried to come up with a design that we thought would integrate what it means to be a focal point and a gathering place in this community," Featherston said.

With just one kitchen, the design had to accommodate two stories of customers, but the Georgia-based, quick-service restaurant company has a plan for that.

A Vittleveyer, a fancy version of a dumb waiter, will zip food from the first floor to upstairs customers. A tract conveyor will allow the kitchen to send bags of food along the ceiling to the drive-thru window.

Chick-fil-A Landmark Raleigh Chick-fil-A gears up for grand opening

It's state-of-the-art, said architect Trent Gilley, but it will blend in nicely with the feel of Cameron Village.

"It will contribute to the heritage of Cameron Village," he said. "It will become a beacon of social activity here and it will feel like it's always been here."

In addition to the Chick-fil-A, there are other big changes in store at the shopping center.

The Harris Teeter is taking over space formerly occupied by Foster's American Grille, which closed last summer. Work has begun on the six-story Gallery at Cameron Village at the corner of Oberlin Road and Clark Street. The $49-million complex will include about 280 apartments and some retail space when it opens in 2013.

Some local retailers also plan to move to the shopping center, including Chapel Hill-based Sugarland Bakery and Rangoni Firenze, a shoe store that is relocating from the Streets at Southpoint mall in Durham.


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  • Hubris Feb 8, 2012

    " it is a CHOICE, you know. if you believe a business (any type) should be closed on sundays, then you should not be shopping on sundays." --- jaygreyam

    The idea is for Christians to rest on Sunday. Perhaps these other Sunday-working people are non-Chritians or just plain atheists. So, it doesn't matter for them.

  • Mon Account Feb 8, 2012

    I agree- I miss the old cameron village. Seems like it's starting to tip toward yet-another-strip-mall. Granted, there are still a lot of unique shops but... Chic-Fil-A just screams tacky. And common.
    At least when I go for my Sunday brunch and stroll through the remaning nice shops they'll be closed.

  • TAILG8R2000 Feb 8, 2012

    they are a christian organization based out of ATL dude.

    " opposed to pressuring their people to work when they want to be or should be in church."

    CFA is not closed on Sundays to encourage church attendance. They are closed to encourage their employees to spend time with their families. Nowhere in their policies does CFA present church as a reason to be closed on Sunday, so people who think that are misinformed, whether you are the church-goer who thinks that's what everyone should do, or the non-church goer who thinks it's obnoxious to close on Sunday.

    Point is, they can open and close when they want.
    February 7, 2012 4:30 p.m.
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  • Ouiser Feb 8, 2012

    'And how can anyone be uncomfortable because the workers are "too nice"?'

    i know i know BUT i was at CFA last night and there is a woman that walks around cleaning mostly, but goes to every table and starts chatting, a little TOO MUCH for my the point of interrupting private convos, etc. i nice greeting is fine, then please leave me alone, thanks.

  • Ouiser Feb 8, 2012

    question for all those who support businesses closing on sundays: do you choose not to shop on sundays to practice your own beliefs OR still shop cause it's open? it is a CHOICE, you know. if you believe a business (any type) should be closed on sundays, then you should not be shopping on sundays.

    also, go to lunch around noon on a sunday and you will see church folk eating out in restaurants in droves (probably talking about how they're glad CFA closes on sundays).

  • tierneemalinadeveaux Feb 7, 2012

    And as for Jeremiah, who says that he boycotts Chick-Fil-A because of their choice to close on Sundays, thanks!

  • tierneemalinadeveaux Feb 7, 2012

    My husband started buying the calendar for me a few years ago, and I am pleasantly surprised that the deals get better every year. This year I won a calendar at one of the SmartShopper workshops, so he didn't have to buy it, but they are worth every penny. I hope they will bring some class back to Cameron Village. I had to stop shopping over there because of some of the vile behavior of the patrons. We'll see...

  • Daria Feb 7, 2012

    Chick-fil-A is the only fast food restaurant I really enjoy. Good food and great service are hard to find. They are the only company that has a suggested use by date on their coupons and they never expire. Get the calendar every year and you can get some great values.

  • lasm Feb 7, 2012

    Kathy 333: I have never been to any Chick-fil-A that has been slow. All the ones I have visited are so fast I can't even get my money out before they are handing me my order. And guess who started the phrase "My pleasure" repeated over and over again by their employees? Chick-fil-A!

  • lasm Feb 7, 2012

    Robotb9 wrote: "You are killing our children. Yes, yes, I am sure some one will write in that they also sell healthfull items like salads too."
    Well, they DO sell healthy salads, fruit, etc. And, you can even get healthy cooked chicken also. Bet you didn't know that. And you, and like-minded adults, have a choice to buy them for yourselves and your children-either at Chick-fil-A or anywhere you choose. Guess what? Everybody else in this country has the same free choice as you do! buy and feed themselves and their family whatever is for sale and legal to sell. Or, didn't you know that either.......