NC gasoline tax to rise almost 4 cents in January

Posted December 20, 2011
Updated December 22, 2011

— As expected, North Carolina's gasoline tax is going up by almost 4 cents a gallon in January.

Revenue Secretary David Hoyle announced Tuesday the state motor fuels tax would grow by 3.9 cents per gallon to a record 38.9 cents starting Jan 1. State law directs the tax be recalculated automatically twice a year based on a formula linked to wholesale gas prices. The tax rose by 2.5 cents per gallon in July.

The upcoming tax increase falls in line with estimates made by the Legislature's nonpartisan fiscal staff.

The North Carolina House voted last month to cap the tax at 35 cents for six months, but the Senate declined to take up the bill, saying it wasn't the right time to consider the change.

Gas tax to rise almost 4 cents in January Gas tax to rise almost 4 cents in January

North Carolina's gasoline prices have dropped 64 cents a gallon since peaking May 6. It is an early Christmas present for the 2.4 million motorists in the state expected to drive more than 50 miles this holiday season, according to AAA Carolinas.


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  • conservativepatriot Dec 28, 2011

    Please explain where all the tax money is going to in this state and why the public is not up in arms about it.With the taxes we pay in this state there should be no toll roads

  • lvflagg Dec 28, 2011

    Oh yes and don't forget the taxes we pay just to own a vehicle!!!

  • JustMyView Dec 27, 2011

    My all electric NISSAN LEAF is looking better and better all the time - less that $0.11 per KwHR and I am getting 3.4 miles per KwHR on average - so do the math - 100 miles in a gas engine car @ 20 mpg = 5 gals x $ 3.00 per gal (if you can find $3 gas) = $ 15 vs $3.24 in the LEAF, and I don't even need to leave home to recharge it.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Dec 23, 2011

    Thanks Bev!!!

  • Vietnam Vet Dec 23, 2011

    ""NC has the 2nd largest road system in the NATION!!"

    Actually, Texas has more paved road miles than our state, and their gas tax is 20 cents."

    Hmmmm. And I've not heard anything about Texas building toll roads either!!

  • Vietnam Vet Dec 23, 2011

    One of the highest gas taxes in the nation to pay for roads etc. and yet we're building toll roads???

  • barbstillkickin Dec 23, 2011

    Our pockets keep getting emptied with all the taxes, insurance, cost of living and every other way this state or country can take it but we never see raises. When will they realize you can not get blood out of a turnip. One day there will be no more money they can take.

  • pm2 Dec 23, 2011

    I have a 200 gal portable tank. It would pay me to drive to VA to fill it up, which I plan to that is government induced conservation!

  • mmtlash Dec 22, 2011


  • archangel44369 Dec 22, 2011

    Wow, now isn't this a lovely thing. My medical insurance premiums are going up in Jan, the power company's rates just went up, Almost certain my home insurance will go up like all the rest previous years, now gas taxes are going up. Did my wages go up? I don't think so.