HondaJet expansion in Triad to create 419 jobs

Posted October 10, 2011

Honda Aircraft announced a major expansion of its operations at the Piedmont Triad International Airport this afternoon, a move that Gov. Bev Perdue says will bring 419 jobs to the area.

Honda Aircraft has located its HondaJet private jet manufacturing facility and other operations at the PTI, as it is known. It will build a $20 million Maintenance Repair and Overhaul facility on the site as part of a larger plan to invest $80 million and add 419 jobs over the next five years.

Michimasa Fujino, president and CEO of Honda Aircraft, issued this statement Monday afternoon:

“After a rigorous evaluation of site alternatives, we concluded that we could best serve our customers and complement our HondaJet dealer service facilities by placing our MRO facility here in North Carolina, where we are delighted to begin writing this next chapter of our growth. This will also reinforce Honda’s contribution and support of state and regional efforts to continue developing the aviation and aerospace cluster in the Piedmont Triad Region.”

Local officials have pledged various tax incentives and have also asked the state to contribute to the package.

Perdue said the average salary of the new jobs would be $53,000 plus benefits, a sharp advantage over the Guilford County average of $39,000.

Honda is building its first-ever commercial aircraft in Greensboro, a light business jet scheduled to begin deliveries next year.

Honda's Greensboro jet factory now employs about 600 and expects to add up to 300 more as it reaches full production.

Honda has already received pledges of $1 million in incentives from the One North Carolina Fund.


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  • pm2 Oct 10, 2011

    I bet that includes a HondaJet for Bev or one of her associates(like Easlley's land deals!)

  • tmed1938 Oct 10, 2011

    "will bring 419 jobs to the area"...most already filled I guess !!

  • Uhavenoclu Oct 10, 2011

    Like i mentioned last week when they were complaining about not enough jobs in the state.
    Wait until next week and there will be,now next week they will be crying about another company losing workers.
    The world is limitless there is abundance all around,but most people have lived their lives in limitless ways and beliefs.
    Seek and ye shall find,ask and it is given.

  • NCSU_JIM Oct 10, 2011

    What have NC GOP done to create jobs?, I have not even heard one good idea and giving the rich and corporations. a tax break does not count.

  • timflowers Oct 10, 2011

    Beverly Perdue is the best Governor we've had in many years. Too bad her conservative opponents aren't willing to work on creating jobs. If both sides worked together, we could make much faster progress. But the radical right is too concerned with legislating their idea of morality than actually helping people on the verge of homelessness and starvation.

  • vraptor Oct 10, 2011

    Does this mean that transpark / airport money sink will finally be used?

    Good get for NC.

  • jet2rdu Oct 10, 2011

    It is good to hear about more jobs at Honda Jet here in NC.
    However, it does make one think how many additional NC jobs would have been created if Bev’s party leader in the WH had not chosen to vilify and mischaracterize business aviation, an industry that is critical for citizens, companies and communities here in NC and across the US and one that can play a central role in the economic recovery O says he wants to promote.

  • NCSU_JIM Oct 10, 2011

    that is great news we need more jobs like these in the state

  • Screw WrAl Oct 10, 2011

    Veto Bev taking on reality 1 job at a time. Good for her. With the 1,000's upon 1,000's she's lost since stumbling into office another 419 now puts her only down 412,054!

  • UNCfuturealumi Oct 10, 2011

    Where are applications being taken for these jobs? I hear about all that is coming but never see results..