Red Hat to move headquarters to downtown Raleigh

Posted August 25, 2011

— Software developer Red Hat announced Thursday that it will move its corporate headquarters from North Carolina State University's Centennial Campus into downtown Raleigh's Progress Energy building.

There is no timeline for the move, a company spokeswoman said, and it wasn't clear how much space the company would take.

Progress Energy is expected to vacate part of the building following its merger with Charlotte-based Duke Energy.

Red Hat said in January that it planned to expand its headquarters in Wake County and invest $109 million in doing so.

The state Economic Development Committee awarded Red Hat close to $15 million in incentives for a two-tiered expansion in the Triangle.

The company has said it plans to add 240 jobs over the next four years and another 300 in 2015 to accommodate new products.

The average annual salary would be $80,000 to $83,000, nearly double Wake County's average of $42,700.

State officials estimate the total economic impact of Red Hat's expansion at $1.5 billion.


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  • HeadPro Sep 1, 2011

    seems like RTP is loosing more quality jobs than can be replaced with similar to mediocre jobs....

  • HeadPro Sep 1, 2011

    This would have been great news 5 years not so much...

  • storchheim Aug 26, 2011

    I used Ubuntu and it was pretty good. I don't know Linux per se but I'm a Unix geek, and it was close enough. The only thing was I couldn't get it to work with a dialup modem. Now that I'm off dialup I might try it again. On Windows you're plagued with the constant "New Updates are Available" which seem mostly to be patches for all the holes the hackers find.

  • EliteOne Aug 26, 2011

    "WHEEL"s are not turning in your brain if you think I said that. It is money kept in the bank for Red Hat and a ridiculous amount of revenue secured for NC. Nobody is paying them as you actually stated...

  • WHEEL Aug 26, 2011

    "mildew" is what's on your brain if you don't think tax breaks aren't money in the bank to a company like Red Hat.

  • EliteOne Aug 26, 2011

    "Way to go State of NC. Pay them a lot of money for what they are going to do anyway."

    You understand that they are not actually getting paid any money, but rather are getting tax breaks/incentives over a 12 year period... Actually, I am pretty sure you don't. They could have easily moved HQ to Georgia or Texas and left just another remote office in Raleigh. The scheduled hiring of all of those new employees by 2015 will ALONE net well over the total tax incentives for the NC Dept of Rev (just from their own personal NC Income Tax). If you would be pumping in over a billion dollars into the NC economy over a decade or so, then I am sure you would like to see the state offer you a small token of appreciation. The talent pool RH pulls in to Raleigh will also be impressive. We may actually get some intelligent comments on these articles instead of uneducated nonsense.

  • WHEEL Aug 26, 2011

    Way to go State of NC. Pay them a lot of money for what they are going to do anyway.

  • Shelley Cooper Aug 26, 2011

    linux is linux

    red hat provides a slick gui and support, that's what you pay for

    if you know what you're doing you can use debian, mandrake, fedora (free red hat), ubuntu to run your servers for free.

  • superman Aug 26, 2011

    I worked downtown for many years. Parking is a nightmare. I paid for parking but there was no assigned parking. If there was an empty space you could park if not you were out of luck. You best get to work early and you dont move your car for lunch. There was a lot of unauthorized parking and cars would be towed. They also probably sold more parking decals than they had parking space figuring that not everyone would show up every day. Kinda like doctors do--scheduling several patients at the same time. They want several patients there and it doesnt make any difference to them how long you have to wait.

  • Karmageddon Aug 26, 2011

    Wakemom.......if you're a get paid less