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Bus driver cited in bicyclist's wreck

Posted July 11, 2012

— The driver of a Morrisville recreation bus that hit a bicyclist Tuesday afternoon has been ticketed for improper passing, a town spokeswoman says.


The cyclist, Greg Oliver, was taken to a local hospital for treatment of bruised ribs and cuts, according to Stephanie Smith, public information officer for the town.


Smith said 14 passengers were on the bus, driven by Michael McVay, when it hit Oliver on Town Hall Drive.


No one on the bus was injured.


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  • sggoodri Jul 12, 2012

    Most car-bike crashes involve intersections and street crossings. In the Triangle, the most common car-bike crash type involves sidewalk cyclists getting hit at driveways and crosswalks. It's much safer to cycle on the roadway according to the rules for drivers.

    Children riding out from driveways, motorists driving out from stop signs, and motorists turning left in front of cyclists are common crash types. Cyclists riding at night without lights are involved in a large percentage of serious crashes. This is basic rules of the road stuff that applies to all vehicle operators.

    Same-direction overtaking crashes amount to only about 5-10% of car-bike collisions. Most involve a motorist who sees the cyclist with plenty of notice but underestimates the space needed to pass rather than slowing and waiting until they can move into the next lane. Most of these are wide vehicles.

    Cyclists use important roads because those are the only ones that go anywhere. That isn't going to change soon.

  • Voice of Reason 23 Jul 12, 2012

    Or, maybe they should have cops in plain bike clothes riding in areas where you aggressive drivers are, and let them get buzzed by a car or have things thrown at them. Then they can radio ahead to the squad car ahead which will pick you up and take you off to jail. 99% of drivers seem to get along just fine with cyclists on the roads. We can either solve the problem by getting rid of 100% of cyclists or the 1% of aggressive drivers. Hmmm, let's get rid of the 1%.

    Also, if you want a road to drive fast on, and never have to worry about cyclists, you have one. It's called a highway. Go drive on that, and stop complaining. You'll never have to deal with cyclists on that.

  • tnt2 Jul 11, 2012

    Bicyclists share major roads with motorists all over the world, Crayzee1. It is indeed CRAYZEE to say that they shouldn't be allowed to do it here, too. And I am NOT convinced the cyclists are at fault in most cases, westernwake1. As motorists, we all need to slow down, get off our cell phones, pay attention and realize that the world does not revolve around us.
    And USVET, of COURSE cyclists pay road taxes. Hardly anyone in this part of the U.S. uses a bicycle in place of a car (although it would a better world if many of us did). Anyone who operates a motor vehicle pays a road tax, and I'm pretty sure that other types of taxes pay for road maintenance, too. And, there is no law in NC which requires cyclists to ride in single file.

  • Crayzee1 Jul 11, 2012

    anyone who rides a bike on a road, is being foolish. If given a choice of hitting a bike or a head on with another car, the bike gets it. They should not be allowed on the roads. It's so funny how all the bike people tout they rights, and share the road, etc. It's you that ends up getting squished and all your buddies holding vigils. Keep riding on the roads as a matter of principle, its public, its your right, and motorists will keep peeling bikes out of their tires. Bikes should be allowed in the cities, ON SIDEWALKS. NEVER out in the country in 55mph zones.

  • westernwake1 Jul 11, 2012

    Here are your stats - from a bicyclist site. Feel free to dig down to all the links and explore. And yes, I was wrong - in over 75% of bicyclist deaths the bicyclist is at fault. But being that there is tons of links & stats, I am sure that everyone can find something to support their beliefs.


    "More than 80% of fatalities for child bicyclists 14 and under were caused by unsafe riding (riding the wrong way, running signs, etc.)"

    "After NYC cycling fatalities increased twofold in 1999, police .... that cyclists are to blame in 75% of cycling deaths."

    "Bicyclists were judged to be in violation of the law in 62% of crashes from 1994-96"

  • yankee1 Jul 11, 2012

    Wait 'til "bicycle Billy" sues the town. Maybe they'll smarten up along with other local communities and end this politically correct, environmentalist based love affair with bicycles! Then maybe the moon bats in the legislature will use common sense instead of the attempt to get votes to dump that dumb legislation that gives bikes the right to use heavily traveled roads with impunity. Bicyclists should also be required to have licenses, insurance and attend a safety course just like drivers and boaters!

  • sggoodri Jul 11, 2012

    All sworn officers of Raleigh PD and about half of Cary PD have taken the long version of this class, which contains crash stats and legal info:

  • godnessgracious2 Jul 11, 2012

    I really doubt you actually looked at the statistics, but prove me wrong and post a link substantiating your bolognia.

  • sggoodri Jul 11, 2012

    Here's a training program on bicyclist safety and law enforcement developed for police in NC; versions have been adapted for Raleigh and Cary:

  • godnessgracious2 Jul 11, 2012

    Does the bus driver also get to pay the cyclist's medical bills? What about damage to his bike?

    Yes, bus driver's insurance has to pay for all that up to policy limits.