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Burlington burglars steal $150 in copper, cause thousands in damage

Posted October 15, 2012

— Three men and a woman were arrested Saturday after Burlington police said they caught the suspects with stolen copper.

Officers said they responded to a call shortly before 7 p.m. Saturday about a break-in at a vacant apartment building at 1927 Morningside Drive. The caller was able to provide a description of the suspects and their vehicle, which helped officers find the car a short distance from the crime scene.

Investigators said the suspects broke into the building and caused thousands of dollars in damage while stealing cooper. The value of the scrapped copper was about $150.

Arrested were Anthony Easterling, 20, of 946 Stone St.; Richard Robertson, 22, of 819 Durham St.; Dedrick Daughtridge, 35, of 1806 Beech Drive; and Jessica Jones, 30, of 704 Huffman Mill Road. All four are from Burlington.

They were charged with six counts each of breaking and entering, six counts each of larceny after breaking and entering, three counts each of attempted breaking and entering, and one count each of possession of burglary tools.

Daughtridge also received 30 days for a contempt charge.

The suspects were held on bond ranging from $60,000 to $70,000.


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  • Workingrepublican Oct 16, 2012

    your Grandmother earned hers.....so did my parents....but that 47% is still the ones bankruptying America....You know the ones who sit on there rear that are between 20 and 40..I had someone tell me they can't get caught do repairs on there home because they may lose there disability....$2300 per month....come-on road wearier you think!!!!!!! You know what part of the 47% I am talking about or are you just stupid!!!!!!!!!!

  • lfields2 Oct 15, 2012

    Grow up!!!

  • Road-wearier Oct 15, 2012

    "This is the 47% that Mitt Romney is speaking about. The other 53% are the ones who have to pay the price....Thanks 47%."

    So you're calling my 80 grandmother, retired veterans, retired law enforcement officers and such crackheads huh? Really??

    The world's not so black and white, as much as simpleton teabillies would like it to be. These four are common criminals but there's nothing a WWII veteran that should get him tarred with the same brush.

    Think people. THINK.

  • hmmmmm Oct 15, 2012

    2 men in their 20's, a 30 year old woman & a 35 year old man? At those ages(especially the older ones) being involved in the theft of $150 worth of anything, you very likely have drug abusers.

  • streetglide Oct 15, 2012

    and they all waist thier careeers, reputation, life of success, for $150.00 in cooper. 1 crack rock for the evening I guess.
    Hate to see so many successful careers waisted on just 1 bad decission that night. Yea I know,, just trying to be politcally correct to each of them and not focus on them as the low lifes that they are, that have nver had a career no anyhting in life that reminds them of a career. I wonder if any of them have even ever ad a job. Like the one above said, this is the 47% Mitt was talking about.

  • storchheim Oct 15, 2012

    airborne, this specimen is neither attractive nor a mommy, so there's a good chance she'll be punished.

  • Workingrepublican Oct 15, 2012

    This is the 47% that Mitt Romney is speaking about. The other 53% are the ones who have to pay the price....Thanks 47%.

  • airbornemonty Oct 15, 2012

    That smirk smile on her face seems to say, "I'll get off easy cause I'm a woman".
    And she might be correct, the law seems to be very lenient when it comes to prosecuting women.

  • jrfergerson Oct 15, 2012

    Hey, we could send them into the war zone out of the country- there is scrap medal in the bullet shells they could collect.

  • ripetomatoes Oct 15, 2012

    Scrap yards should only mail checks as payment.
    A crackhead probably doesn't own a mailbox and probably can't wait more than a few minutes for the money without forgetting what he or she was doing.