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Burglar makes off with State Fair cash from University Mall

Posted October 14, 2011

— A Thursday night break-in at University Mall in Chapel Hill has cost the North Carolina State Fair some proceeds from ticket sales, police said Friday.

Someone used a tool to pry open the security office at the mall, and the thief removed a small safe that contained an estimated $30,000 in cash from fair ticket sales, police said.

No description of the thief was released.


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  • Its the who what Oct 18, 2011

    Chapel Hill in the news AGAIN!! Like I said before, one of the most crime reported town in NC!!! YOU ARE NOT SAFE in Chapel Hill. Too many of the citizens involved with crime.

  • twc Oct 14, 2011

    Aw, so sad! The good news is that the ticket holders still ride. :)

  • Commen Oct 14, 2011

    Why would anyone keep $30,000 in a small safe and a locked room that can be breached with a pry tool????? Except for the thief, who has $30000?????

  • Rebelyell55 Oct 14, 2011

    In side job for sure...

  • The7thSeal Oct 14, 2011

    'Could the Cop who comes to my house b/c there is an armed intruder in my house be able to shoot better than 70

    Yes.Better than 70% actually.

  • THECROWFLIES Oct 14, 2011

    For all of those who say things about Mall Cops well University Mall doesn't have Mall cops they use Chapel Hill PD. I have known that they will say nothing but have good leads to the person(s) responsible. Then they will watch the person and then go get them. Yes, they are actually good doing that. BTW: that was the University Mall management that screwed that up.
    FYI: In NC a company who manages a mall can apply for a license to have their Police licensed in NC to that Mall. Basically their jurisdiction is the Mall and the grounds that it sits on - plus ONE MILE! Yep that plus one mile is interesting b/c if they need to give chase to suspects or to help another Police force near the area. Oh and their PD has to be licensed and firearm qualify just like all of the other Police in NC. To qualify to shoot they must be able to hit their target 70 percent of the time - ohhhhh. Could the Cop who comes to my house b/c there is an armed intruder in my house be able to shoot better than 70

  • mesocell Oct 14, 2011

    This had to be an inside job. Well, at least the crook can afford a ride or two at the fair now.

  • The7thSeal Oct 14, 2011

    ""Where do you work next when you fail as a mall cop?" technetium9

    UNC campus police

    You mean Duke Campus Police?

  • pappybigtuna1 Oct 14, 2011

    Ya, it was an inside job, the safe was inside the Campus Mall. As for the cash itself, it had facial drawings of dead president, with a green cast, in most cases a water mark is visible if held up to the light. Chapel Hill, ummm, interesting (hope that "ummm" doesn't get me Report Abuse like last time)

    And remember criminals have mothers too!

  • The7thSeal Oct 14, 2011

    "I mean, really....isn't a bank a much more secure place to keep $30,000. that's why banks have night drop boxes..

    Not with all the bank fees associated with having a bank account.Everyone is starting not to trust banks,including the state fair.