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Bulls, Other Clubs Ask Time Warner to Carry Orioles, Nats Network

Posted July 10, 2007

— Executives of the state's nine minor league baseball clubs, including the Durham Bulls, say they want Time Warner Cable to add the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MASN) to its basic service tier.

MASN carries Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals games and more than 200 football, basketball and lacrosse games involving North Carolina universities, the executives said.

Carrying major league ball helps interest in the minor league clubs, which helps local economies, they told Time Warner President and CEO Glenn A. Britt in a letter, dated Monday.

Melissa Buscher, a spokeswoman for Time Warner's Triangle and Fayetteville operation, said company officials feel it would be unfair to impose the cost of acquiring MASN programming on all customers because interest in the games is low.

Until this year, Orioles games were on a Fox sports network that Time Warner offered, Buscher noted. When MASN pulled those games from Fox for this season, Times Warner received "virtually no calls," she said.

Buscher said Time Warner has tried to negotiate a deal to put MASN on a digital channel, but the two sides have been unable to agree on terms.


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  • Brick Tamland Jul 10, 2007

    Why would they offer this if no one even complained about the Orioles games not being on TWC anymore in the Triangle? More baseball fans here like the Braves anyway. I don't want my rate to rise just because a few people want to see the O's or the Nationals play. I'd rather go see the Bulls play than watch them on TV. If the demand for it is not there, it makes no sense for them to offer it. I'm happy with TWC and my HD box. I love getting the local channels, TNT, ESPN and ESPN2 in HD and not having to pay extra for it versus having regular digital cable.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Jul 10, 2007

    I had to respond. All of these complaints are answered with DirecTV. Yes, even Catholic Mass is available on DTV. I bought two DirecTV systems in December, 1994, which was about 6 months after it was first released. I have since added two more systems in the house. No matter who's house I visit in any state, that doesn't have DirecTV, I can't wait to get back home where I can watch my own system. Been a DirecTV customer for 12 or 13 years and have no thoughts of changing. Yes, there's Dish Network. But I'm loyal to the first company that delivered Digital TV to our homes. TWC never would have gone digital if DTV didn't bring it first. DirecTV lead the way back then, and they still lead the way today. Quit complaining about TWC not having competition. Its only because most of you are too lazy to open your eyes and see the competition.

  • A_Patriot Jul 10, 2007

    You'll have to pry my DirecTV dish from my cold, dead fingers. Left TWC in 2002 and have never looked back. Good riddance to bad service.

  • brian2380 Jul 10, 2007

    I have Directv, and get MASN and MASN2 love those stations. Plus, you get the YES network for the Yankees and get to listen to Mike and the Mad Dog from 1-6 every day. Time Warner Cable also doesn't have the MLB package anymore, but thats not their fault.

  • SouthWestRaleigh Jul 10, 2007

    As a die-hard Orioles fan this would be great. But, as several people here have pointed out TWC doesn't care. I can't watch the O's but I can watch a Catholic Mass if I want? Go figure!!!

  • vipcruizer Jul 10, 2007

    I have Direct TV and it goes out with the slightest rain shower at times, and others it can be storming and it's fine. It's weird. I do miss having TWC for channel 14, 256. Mainly in times of stormy weather, I have no TV channel to check local radar. I also found their DVR much more friendly than Direct TVs. However, we aren't going back to TWC!!! Programming offered can't compare.

  • Irock Jul 10, 2007

    Swisher "direct tv doesnt hold a candle to twc". That statement is so far from the truth. I've had direct tv for 12 years now and not ONE SINGLE RATE INCREASE for the packages i have. My service has rarely gone out due to rain or snow. Always have met my needs and when i went high def, they gave me a year discount on high def programming because all high def dvr receivers were acting up; basically free service. By the way, with the lastest software download months ago, no more problems with high def dvr.

  • Nobody but Carolina Jul 10, 2007

    I've got Dish and get both the Nat's and the O's as well as the Braves if I even want to see them. It seems the only thing I lost was being able to actually watch some Minor League games, although when I did get them, they were on FSN South. I'm not sure what happened there. Bottom line is I'll never go back to Time Warner Cable.

  • knelsud92 Jul 10, 2007

    Recently dropped TWC here in Charlotte and went with DirecTV. Part of the reason was cost, but the main reason was programming. We're sports fans and will pretty much watch anything but the NBA. Just ridiculous that NC does not have a channel which broadcasts a major league team on a reliable basis. Here in Charlotte, we get the Cubs/White Sox on WGN, but not all the time, the Braves on FSN South, SportSouth, or TBS, but who knows when, and for some reason, the Cincinnati Reds on FSN South or SportSouth, but again, who knows when. With DirecTV, the Orioles or Nationals are on every night.

    With TWC and Extra Innings, the Reds, O's, Nationals, and Braves are blacked out, so O's and Nats fans in NC, will NEVER see those teams on TV.

    TWC seems to have no problem adding channels NOBODY cares about, but ESPNU, NFL Network, MASN,...it's a cost issue? The extra $1.50 a month is nothing compared to the $100 they take for less programming than DirecTV. Lose customers--go ahead.

  • osfan Jul 10, 2007

    I have Directv and MASN and am happy with it. haven't have TW for many years and am happy about that 2. beats having to use MLB.com and lie about my zip to see the O's