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Bull attacks Fayetteville farmer

Posted December 20, 2010
Updated December 21, 2010

— A bull dragged its owner across a field Monday before Fayetteville police and Cumberland County animal control officers were able to corral the animal.

Neighbors called police to 706 Elderberry Drive at about 12:30 p.m. after they saw the bull attack the farmer, police said. Neighbors scared the animal off until police arrived.

The farmer, 82-year-old John A. House, was taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center and later transported to UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill. He was critical but stable on Tuesday. 

Animal control officers said the farmer was moving the bull from one pasture to another when the animal turned on him.

The farmer used to be outside Fayetteville, and when the city annexed the area, the farmer was allowed to keep his livestock, said Sgt. John Somerindyke of the Fayetteville Police Department.


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  • mad_dash Dec 21, 2010

    Some people need to lighten up! They were jokes.. its not like they said he deserved it! J O K E......

  • brwneyez70 Dec 21, 2010

    Time for some steaks. He wouldn't hurt anybody else unles it from them eating it! Lol............

  • NotRocketScience Dec 21, 2010

    I am hoping the farmer heals quickly, pretty scary ordeal! Good thing someone saw it and called it in. Thanks to whoever did and to the neighbors that help out, your good deed for the day!
    I am guessing the other commentators won't want any sympathy if they get into a car wreck because they "knew the risks".

  • Rolling Along Dec 20, 2010

    Sounds to me like a known job hazard. We have a bull on our farm and treat him with kid gloves.

  • read_a_little Dec 20, 2010

    The farmer was just being a farmer, and the bull was just being a bull. Farmers have to move bulls, they are ornery, unpredictable and dangerous. Being young and fast is a good place to start when moving a bull. Being older and slower makes it more dangerous. I wish the farmer a speedy recovery.

  • meargle Dec 20, 2010

    Praying for the thin skinned.

  • BBWAFRICANWOMAN Dec 20, 2010

    Praying for the bull.

  • Desiderata Dec 20, 2010

    I agree that those without a brain have spoken..and my thought are for the farmer and the bull...

  • passport423 Dec 20, 2010

    Praying for the farmer. Thank goodness the neighbors saw and came to his aid.

  • RB-1 Dec 20, 2010

    Some of you people have no class, making jokes when someone has been seriously injured.

    This isn't a school room cafeteria where someone dropped a tray with their lunch on it kiddies.

    A person has been seriously injured.

    Shape up!!!