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Builders Balk at Plan to Limit Garbage Disposals

Posted March 5, 2008

— Home builders want to wash Raleigh's plan to prohibit new garbage disposals right down the drain.

Tim Minton, executive vice president of the Home Builders Association of Raleigh and Wake County, said the ruling is unneccesary and won't yield the results that city council intended.

"People are going to pour grease down the sink whether they have a garbage disposal or not," Minton said. He pointed out that it is already against the law to put anything except human waste, water and toilet paper into the sewer system.


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  • momof2 Mar 7, 2008

    #1: There are lots of things people are not "supposed" to put down the drain but they will continue to do so with or without a disposal. Being in the multi-family housing industry, we find that people put things in toilets all the time that they are not supposed to. Perhaps the Council should consider eliminating toilets.

    #2: This seems to have come out of no where on Tuesday. I am very disappointed (but not surprised) at the way the Council voted on this without any heads up to the public that it was even being discussed. Shouldn't they have at the very least, solicited input from the public, the ones that put them in office???? If we are not careful, big governement is going to take over and we will lose our freedoms.

  • DurhamDude Mar 5, 2008

    Hello? It's because a garbage disposer encourages people to put stuff down the drain they aren't suppose to. Those that would still pour grease down the drain are... well.... stupid.