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Broyhill's family 'reeling' after stabbing death, murder charge

Posted April 29, 2013
Updated April 30, 2013

— The mother of a man accused of fatally stabbing a Raleigh woman last week says her son "has always had a sweet, gentle nature and been loved by all who know him" and that she and her family are struggling over the events of the past seven days.

"Our family is still reeling from the shock of what happened last Monday," Kay Broyhill said in a statement Monday. "Our hearts are broken for the Kirk/Hahn families, and we pray God will bring His peace and comfort to them in their grieving."

Jonathan Wayne Broyhill is accused of murder in the April 24 death of Jamie Kirk Hahn, 29, whom police say was stabbed along with her husband, Nation Hahn, in their home two days earlier.

Nation Hahn, 27, was treated and released from the hospital last week.

Broyhill, 31, a longtime friend of the couple, had been recovering at WakeMed from injuries that police say were self-inflicted, but he was not listed in the hospital's directory Monday morning.

Nor had he been booked into the Wake County jail, a process that usually occurs after a suspect is released from a hospital. It's unclear whether he has invoked his federal right to privacy and is listed under an alias.

Kay Broyhill, meanwhile, said the family is heartbroken and shocked and "we will continue to love him and support him in any way we can."

Although he has not been formally charged, Broyhill has already been appointed a public defender, according to Wake County's chief public defender, Chuck Caldwell. It's a rare move before an arrest, Caldwell said, but it does happen in high-profile and potentially complicated cases.

Raleigh police haven't offered a motive for the attacks, but former U.S. Rep. Brad Miller has said that there are questionable campaign reports Broyhill made while working for his campaign through the fundraising firm of Jamie Hahn, who was a political strategist Miller, a Democrat, had hired in 2010.

Broyhill worked for her and managed the campaign's finances.

After combing through hundreds of pages of records, WRAL News identified nearly $20,000 in questionable expenditures and, overall, nearly $60,000 missing from the account.

Miller said last week that Jamie Hahn had recently found out about the issues and had planned to confront Broyhill about them. Jamie Hahn's stepfather said last week that when she did, Broyhill "just lost it."

According to people close to the case, Broyhill had been at the Hahns' home early Monday evening, when they were preparing for dinner, and that Nation Hahn heard screaming and found Broyhill stabbing his wife. She was able to escape and ran outside before collapsing in a neighbor's yard.

Family, friends and colleagues gathered Saturday in Raleigh for a memorial service, during which Nation Hahn remembered his wife as having a kind heart, a love of politics and a deep belief in the power of government to make a difference.

"She was a good and decent person who saw wrongs and wanted to right them," he said.


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  • shortcake53 May 1, 2013

    I hate what this man did to that beautiful girl and her husband, but I also feel bad for his family. They had nothing to do with this crime and I am sure they are living a nightmare too. Such awful circumstances for both sides.

  • bubbaOK May 1, 2013

    Devastating pointless loss. Prayers for all and hope some meager wisdom be discovered. He's wrecked the Broyhills.

  • Thought Criminal WS May 1, 2013

    "Just because someone filed bankruptcy in the past does not mean they are not reliable & trustworthy regarding finances & money."

    Cane's girl hit the nail on the head. Most finance jobs require a credit check as well as background checks to prevent situations like this and it's very odd he got the job. Then again, it's not odd considering it's democrats where who's your buddy means more than qualifications and ethics.

    That credit check weeds out individuals who may be tempted to embezel or commit fraud, of which he appears to be guilty of. As democrats have shown over and over they have no issues with picking the wrong person for a job or position of responsibility.

  • jkling May 1, 2013

    Wow, Bubba. She was murdered because she was dumb enough to be a Democrat. Just wow. I'm very glad that I do not have the pleasure of knowing you.

  • BubbaDukeforPresident May 1, 2013

    The victims aren't the only ones affected by people's decisions. Broyhill's family certainly never envisioned their son committing murder, and neither did some of the relatives of the Boston Marathon bombing.

    For those who suggest that she should never have trusted Broyhill, consider that she was a Democratic fund-raiser. Her decision making ability was already in question working for Brad Miller and the Democratic cause. That's no excuse for her murder, but does bring into question anyone's common sense, or lack thereof.

  • indrdw May 1, 2013

    No matter why he did it seems he did it. You have a witness that has also been stabbed that day. So sad when they all were supposed to be friends. This guy sounds like a user and loser. He might have problems but murder - no excuse.

  • Southern Girl Apr 30, 2013

    They should be "reeling" because a beautiful, young woman lost her life by his hands. This story just doesn't make sense to me. I believe there is more to it that will come out. It is just such a shame - she had so much going for her. It is such a shame that she put her trust in Broyhill.

  • CestLaVie Apr 30, 2013

    Just because someone filed bankruptcy in the past does not mean they are not reliable & trustworthy regarding finances & money.

    In many instances bankruptcy comes about through little fault of the filer...immense medical bills, credit worthiness destroyed by long-term unemployment, divorce, etc.

  • itsmyownopinion Apr 30, 2013

    Very odd he was given a job managing finances when he filed bankruptcy himself a few years back.

    Canes Girl Forever

    Maybe the Hahns thought they could help him rehabilitate himself. I can't count the times I've given people the chance or opportunity to prove themselves worthy of a second chance, and if I could count those times they would equal the number who have failed the test. I think I'm done with the effort before somebody kills me.

  • 3TeensGrowinUp2Fast Apr 30, 2013

    He did a great job of hiding his crimes for a long time. I'd be shocked if I were his family, too. There's just no good reason to murder someone. I hope justice is served and this guy spends the rest of his life behind bars.