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Brothers Wanted in String of Vehicle Thefts

Posted March 18, 2008

— Detectives were searching for a 22-year-old man and his brothers who they believe stole multiple vehicles and threatened their victims in Cumberland and Robeson counties.

Investigators believe that Isaiah Philip Bell, of 171 Scotch Pine Road, Lumber Bridge, stole vehicles from homes and business, as well as those that had been abandoned on the highway. Bell was also under investigation for attempted vehicle thefts from at least four locations in Cumberland.

Detectives believe that Bell belongs to a gang and terrorized his victims. He should be considered armed and dangerous, deputies warned.

Bell was last seen driving a burgundy, extended-cab Ford pick-up truck, with a temporary North Carolina license tag number 14720040.

Detectives also consider Bell's brothers to be suspects: Duvell Bell, 23, of 171 Scotch Pine Road, Lumber Bridge; Kintez Michael Patterson, 26, of 2906 Midland Court, Fayetteville; and Juan Simmons, 41, of 1068 Glen Reilly Drive, Fayetteville.

Members of the public should not approach these individuals, but immediately call the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office at 910-323-1500.


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  • tinyboy Mar 19, 2008


  • Grumpy Old F__t Mar 19, 2008

    Gov Mikey needs to pull his head out of his.....I mean out of the sand and admit that we have a serious gang problem in NC and need a task force to track them down and eradicate them like the vermin they are. Within the criminal justice system of course.

  • meh2 Mar 19, 2008

    Always pickin' on the brothers!

  • Dr. Dataclerk Mar 19, 2008

    About 30 to 40 years in prison should do it.

  • garnertoy Mar 19, 2008


  • BeachBum08 Mar 19, 2008

    And my husband wonders why I dont like going anywhere by myself!

  • PikeMom4real Mar 19, 2008

    A couple of them appear to strung out on something.NO,It can't be,they look this way cause the popo kept them up all night!

  • james004 Mar 19, 2008

    Wonder how many previous arrests these "fine upstanding citizens" have??

    How come people say the media is biased, in only showing people of color wanted for crimes on the news? Maybe it's because those types of people commit the majority of the crimes?? HMMM......

  • doogaad Mar 18, 2008

    Glad they didn't come to Chapel Hill

  • daMoFo Mar 18, 2008

    Come on now..it's not their fault. They're victims. They probably been harassed by the man!!!