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Brothers accused of stealing from job site

Posted March 22, 2009
Updated March 23, 2009

— Two brothers are accused of stealing equipment from a Zebulon construction site. Leonardo Cornejo, 28, and Carlos Cornejo, 24, were arrested over the weekend after police said they took approximately $5,000 worth of material from the job site on Saturday.

According to the arrest warrants, the brothers, of 6369 Stag Trail in Wendell, stole several items including two drills, a saw, power cords and a few ladders.

The men were being held Sunday at the Wake County Jail on $500 bond.


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  • manofjustice Mar 23, 2009

    Please don't stereotype these nice young boys. They may have been framed. And how do we know they should be deported? Who said they were illegal aliens? These look like to God fearing young boys who just needs our prayers so they can get out of this trouble.

  • alanths011 Mar 23, 2009

    && who said these guys are illegal don't everybody know about stereotyping; all of us on here don't even know them. So who are we in judging them??

  • hollylama Mar 23, 2009

    Where did it say that these individuals were illegal immigrants? The issue should not be with the people that come over...it should be with those that provide them with enough income to stay!

  • whatusay Mar 23, 2009

    Does this count as a "deportation crime"?

  • didisaythat Mar 23, 2009

    This is news...I hope every news media will continue showing the amount of crime committed by immigrants and especially illegal immigrants. Something needs to be done about crime and if this helps and I think it does. I see the outrage about illegals and soon this will spill over enforcing immigration laws and inacting more laws. Something needs to be done and quick...Come on people look at what is happening.

  • Cat22 Mar 23, 2009

    "and did you hear they had an expired tag as well?? come on guys- why is this even news??"

    If I remember correctly, stealing is a crime... DUH!

  • donnied1952 Mar 23, 2009

    I guess that WRAL didn't like my comments about the Buckhorn Flea market in Orange County. I'm just saying that you can usually find the missing items at that location.

  • ncguy Mar 23, 2009

    Wheres the ACLU or the left liberals now?

    It seems more and more Hispanics commiting more and more crimes.

    I have said it before- we will be the next California.

    When will the politicians do something?

  • Sessy V--V Mar 23, 2009

    Thats keepin it in the family for ya !

    GLAD they were caught !!!!!!!

  • TStills Mar 23, 2009

    Carlos has one of the all-time staches there. Almost like it was drawn on with a sharpie.