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Bragg soldier shot, stabbed in carjacking

Posted November 4, 2009

— A Fort Bragg soldier was shot and stabbed Tuesday night as three men and a woman stole his SUV, Fayetteville police said Wednesday.

Bradley Burkley, 36, gave a woman a ride to Schmidt Street in the Bonnie Doone neighborhood at about 8 p.m. Tuesday. When he stopped to let her out, she grabbed the keys out of the ignition and three men approached and demanded his wallet, police said.

Burkley threw the wallet on the ground, and one of the men shot him in the shoulder while a second stabbed him in the back, police said.

Burkley ran to a business on Bragg Boulevard, where someone called 911. He was taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center for treatment of non-life-threatening wounds, police said.

The men and woman fled in Burkley's silver 2006 Honda CRV, police said. The vehicle has a Florida license, 834TSQ.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Fayetteville Police Department.


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  • K9Tucker.LoveMYcop Nov 4, 2009

    This soldier puts his life on the line to protect US citizens and this is what he gets? They are an embarassment to the human race.

  • finesse187 Nov 4, 2009

    OMG, this is what one gets for being a GOOD SAMARITAN!! This is why I don't give people rides!! I hope he fully recovers and I hope they find the individuals before they pull this SCAM on someone else!! Also, they had his wallet so... what was the reason(s) for stabbing and shooting him?!!

  • True Blue in Wake County Nov 4, 2009

    Bonnie Doon - Airborne, there was your first clue .....

  • sniper Nov 4, 2009

    It was dark... He was giving a famale a ride.. They were in Bonnie Doone.. I'm sorry the young man was injured and I sure hope he makes a full recovery but something tells me that he wasn't so innocent. Lots of prostotution goes on in that area. Sounds like she just sprung the perfect trap.

  • djofraleigh Nov 4, 2009

    This 3-some needs NO PLEA deal but some serious time, and the woman needs as much as the men, but that won't happen.

  • Thought Criminal WS Nov 4, 2009

    Utterly disgusting. This is how people repay our troops for thier service to our country AND for being a good samaritan?

    I know it's wrong to wish ill or harm on others but I still hope karma treats them less kindly then they treated this soldier.

  • G-man Nov 4, 2009

    Would be nice if we could catch them and have them swinging by sundown.

  • AMHall82 Nov 4, 2009

    Now that it's getting dark before I get off of work (@ 6pm), I run all errands on my lunch break and stop only for stoplights/stop signs until I get home. Fayetteville has gotten wayyyy dangerous and it seems like it doesn't really matter what "part of town" you're in.

    Glad the soldier is gonna be ok - and hope he learned a valuable lesson!

    Also, smart thing he did, throwing the wallet down, typically, the robber would go for the cash & give you time to run away; I guess since there were 3 of them, he wasn't so fortunate. ):

  • BigUNCFan Nov 4, 2009

    Hate to have seen this happen but this is a poor case of judgment to pick up a hitch hiker. I am suprised at this from a military person with training to make good decisions in combat.

  • pappy1 Nov 4, 2009

    Folks - if it's after dark, you don't give a female stranger a ride to Bonnie Doone. Just sayin' a word to the wise (or unwise in this case).