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Brad Cooper pleads not guilty

Posted February 4, 2011

— A Cary man accused of murdering his wife in July 2008 entered a not guilty plea during pre-trial motions Friday in Wake County Superior Court.

Jury selection in Brad Cooper's murder trial is set to begin Feb. 28. Opening statements and testimony will begin March 7.

Superior Court Judge Paul Gessner allowed a motion limiting coverage of certain witnesses, meaning that the media will not be able to identity them when they testify.

Undercover FBI agents were involved in the case, and prosecutors want to protect their identities during the trial.

Cooper told investigators that his wife, Nancy Cooper, went jogging on the morning of July 12, 2008, and never returned home. Her body was found two days later about 3 miles from the Coopers' home. An autopsy determined that she had likely been strangled.


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  • bradcooperisinnocent Feb 4, 2011

    "He is going down for sure........." -wildcat

    Part of what broke up the marriage...

  • bradcooperisinnocent Feb 4, 2011

    w00t w00t!

  • oldrwizr Feb 4, 2011

    All you sanctimonious poobahs who're screaming, "Innocent until proven guilty!", hear this. An individual posting to a bulletin board is not a juror or an agent of the court. We're human beings who're entitled to our opinions. I'm as certain as I am about my middle name that this guy killed his wife and threw her body in a ditch. Do I have enough evidence to convict him in court? Of course not, but it doesn't mean I -- or anybody else -- isn't entitled to a personal opinion.

  • in-n-out burger rocks Feb 4, 2011

    Innocent until proven guilty! Let's see what happens at the trial before y'all send him to death row

  • anti-Hans Feb 4, 2011

    WHEN did he run from the law? He has cooperated from day 1. I think some if you have your cases mixed up.

    Do I think he did it? Probably. But I am also willing to give the man his right to a day in court with the evidence presented.

  • monkeyboy Feb 4, 2011

    "I know you just wanted to make a comment even though it was weak. I still maintain LIFE IN PRISON WITHOUT PAROLE. ANYTHING ELSE?" - wildcat

    yeah. i'd like to see the us justice system prevail. i'll wait until evidence has been presented and he's been tried by a jury of his peers, not take the kneejerk reaction of some whackjob who thinks any man ever charged with a crime (guilty or not) should be deep fried in snot...

  • SweetB Feb 4, 2011

    he is not worth chicken scratch. he killed NANCY, his wife, then took her lifeless body out of their home and left it...that is creepy. i know he must have nightmares of what he has done. so long as he continues have them behind bars....along with all the other heartless murderers.

  • 1 awesome Dad Feb 4, 2011

    So if he did not do it is he expecting us to believe that a murderer is just out and about and whacked his wife. I understand the innocent until proven guilty however we are as blind as Mr. Cooper would like us to be.

  • country4ever Feb 4, 2011

    innocent til proven guilty wildcat NCStatePack

    I know you just wanted to make a comment even though it was weak. I still maintain LIFE IN PRISON WITHOUT PAROLE. ANYTHING ELSE?

    Wildcat wants to throw everybody in jail/prison without a fair trial!!!

  • Blue Devil 2 Feb 4, 2011

    Remember he ran from the law. That shows he is quilty. He's not going to admit that he is guilty. He is to chicken to admit that he killed his wife.