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Brad Cooper getting a second public defender

Posted February 12, 2009

— A Cary man charged in the July slaying of his wife will have another public defender helping with his case.

Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens granted a motion Thursday from Brad Cooper's attorney, Howard Kurtz, for additional counsel.

Kurtz said that with the volume of discovery material in the case, his client feels the addition of a second attorney would aid in his trial.

Cooper, 35, is charged with murder in the July 12 death of his wife, Nancy Cooper. She was found in an undeveloped subdivision approximately three miles from the couple's home in Cary's Lochmere neighborhood.

An autopsy found she had likely been strangled.

Brad Cooper was arrested in October and has been in the Wake County jail without bond. If convicted, he faces life in prison without parole.

Wake County Assistant District Attorney Howard Cummings on Thursday objected to Kurtz's motion and asked Stephens to deny it.


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  • thescarletpimpernel Feb 13, 2009

    +++If the DA is so positive that the evidence he has would convict him, then why would he object.

    HEARSAY. Not good defense.

  • thescarletpimpernel Feb 13, 2009

    Wonderful! Good for Mr. Cooper and his legal team. I do HOPE that the prosecutors have more than "HEARSAY." Perhaps a second public defender is needed to wade just through that....HEARSAY.

    We shall see what the incriminating evidence will reveal in due time.


  • celong Feb 13, 2009

    More money from the taxpayers. At least one thing, he worked at one time to have paid some into the system.

  • Mommyoftwo Feb 13, 2009

    If he wants two attorneys then HE should pay for those two...we as taxpayers should NOT pay for his whims! I don't see where we are responsible for paying for his attorney fees...his decision to add another attorney so his cost! We're going to end up paying for his room, board and food for years to come after the trial anyway.

  • KevinUNC97 Feb 13, 2009

    Wow...I didn't know we had a criminal stimulus package as well. The world must be coming to an end!

  • scarletindurham Feb 13, 2009

    tiblet, I would hardly consider spending the rest of my days in a tiny jail cell a "life". Although I think he is guilty as sin, I am just simply pointing that out.

  • tiblet Feb 13, 2009

    whocares...Brad Cooper is not on trail for his life. The DA has already said they will not ask for the death penalty in his case.

  • whocares Feb 13, 2009

    Everyone has a right to have the best defense that they can when on trial for their life, whether it be a high priced lawyer or a public defender. If the DA is so positive that the evidence he has would convict him, then why would he object.

  • scarletindurham Feb 13, 2009

    Do other people up for murder usually have two public defenders?

  • EZeegoing Feb 13, 2009

    Another drain on vital taxpayer dollars....