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Boyfriend charged in Broadway woman's death

Posted June 7, 2012
Updated June 8, 2012

— Harnett County authorities on Thursday charged the boyfriend of a Broadway woman who died Wednesday in what witnesses said was an accidental shooting.

Todd Laymond Brown, 25, was charged with involuntary manslaughter and was being held Thursday in the Harnett County jail under a $200,000 bond.

Adrian Nicole Fitts, 23, was shot in the head inside the mobile home she and Brown shared at 80 Pine Hollow Drive, off U.S. Highway 421.

Authorities haven't released details of how Fitts died, but her brother-in-law, Anthony Spruiell, said someone was cleaning a gun when it somehow fell and discharged, striking Fitts.

Brown and an unidentified third person were with Fitts at the time. None of Fitts' three children, ages 5, 4 and 8 months, were home.

Sheriff Larry Rollins said that accidents sometimes result from negligence, and investigators believe that the involuntary manslaughter charge is appropriate.

While collecting evidence after the shooting, deputies found drugs in the mobile home. Brown has also been charged with trafficking in opiates, possession of marijuana with intent to sell or deliver and maintaining a dwelling for drug use.


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  • Glock Ranger Jun 8, 2012

    So, randileslie, are you saying there were no drugs, and this guy has not been charged before? Are you saying the police, and public records, are lying? Was he being careless while cleaning a loaded gun, or are you going to try and convince the experts that the gun just went off?

    I agree with you, that most of the comments on this site are purely unfeeling, snide remarks. However, this is an open site, as you pointed out, and people have a right to say whatever they want, within reason.

    Not to be snide, or judgemental, but it it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, has wings and webbed feet like a duck, it must be a duck. That's discernment, not judgement.

  • wizakid Jun 8, 2012

    Agree randileslie. Most folks have nothing better to do than assume and cast judgement. I admit, it seems fishy, however as more details come out this seems like a terrible and tragic accident. Yes, and accident that could've been avoided but that's what makes it an accident. My prayers go out to the family and Todd. "Judge not yet you shall be judged first."

  • randileslie Jun 8, 2012

    My prayers go out to this family.. We know them personally and I understand this is an open site but seeing some of the things said about this family really breaks my heart.. This was an accident Todd loved Nikki and his children and justice will be served, God will allow the truth to come out.. Also remember you are relying on information that the police have given to WRAL.. Not everyone is truthful

  • Glock Ranger Jun 8, 2012

    True, Lightfoot3. Being an instructor in gun safety I have heard stories, and known people who did stupid things with guns which were called "accidents". I drill my students with the idea that there are NO "accidents" with guns, particularly handguns.

    I'm not perfect, either. Most of these "modern" (since the 1950s) firearms are safer than most people realize. They have layered safeties, sometimes, depending on the gun, up to 7, which are designed to allow the gun to fire ONLY when the trigger is pulled.That is a deliberate act, therefore, it cannot be an "accident".

    Other than an out-and-out intentional shooting, if it was a semi-automatic, with the magazine removed, but a round mistakenly left in the chamber is one of the most common mistakes. One of my son's friends was killed that way. Usually the result of a failure to keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, failure to keep the finger out of the trigger guard, remove the magazine and lock the slide open.

  • Lightfoot3 Jun 8, 2012

    People clean, and do other stupid stuff with loaded guns all the time. While I don't know what happened in this case, someone cleaning a loaded gun isn't all that far fetched. He could have been just wiping it down and dropped it. Or he could have got mad during an argument and pulled the trigger. Hopefully forensics, bullet angle, etc. will paint a better picture of what happened.

  • Sparkey Jun 8, 2012

    Cleaning a loaded gun? Kids just so happened not to be home? Something is fishy.

  • Amused Jun 7, 2012

    I do not believe this was an accident!!

  • AestheticStyle Jun 7, 2012

    Nobody in that house is innocent. Guns, drugs, and a complete lack of responsibility never mix well.

  • OneLove Jun 7, 2012

    "He was illegally dealing drugs"

  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 Jun 7, 2012

    Guns and drugs....well we now know why he needed the guns. He was illegally dealing drugs. May the courts put this young man behind bars for life. He took an innocent life.