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Booster Club Officer Charged With Theft of Funds

Posted May 8, 2007

— The former treasurer of a high school booster club faces charges for stealing from the group.

A Durham County grand jury Monday afternoon indicted Deborah Pugh, who had volunteered at Southern High School in Durham.

Police charged Pugh with altering checks to steal $25,000. They investigated after a school auditor found discrepancies.


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  • Beach Music Forever May 9, 2007

    This lady should be prosecuted to the fullest. Taking money raised for the kids is totally unacceptable. I have been a member of my local high school's booster club for about 25 years now and there is a great deal of work that goes on to raise that kind of money. People just need to suck it up and go borrow the money if they are that bad off. Pitiful.

  • happy May 9, 2007

    This has nothing to do with the Raleigh/Durham battle. It has nothing to do with a race issue either, but I fear it will turn out to be that too if she is one race and the school is predominently another. It has to do with a community now having a lack of trust in where their donations are going to end up. Her misdeed has done more harm than just the initial loss of $25K. How many people are going to think twice before they donate to that booster group again...just because of one evil human being.

  • kinguvkool May 9, 2007

    Where's her picture?

  • Seeminglyopposed May 9, 2007

    No people in Durham are not mad crazy, they just are not as cunning as the cheaters in Raleigh. Raleigh people go completely past the little money, they continue until they go into the millions. Crooks from Durham need to come to Raleigh to learn how to become better crooks. It is so pitiful that these people are in the school system.

  • Tyrone Williams May 9, 2007

    The folks in Durham are just mad-crazy.

  • QT3.14 May 9, 2007

    She stole $25K from children. The lowest of the low!!

  • slaythedragon May 8, 2007

    have all the honest hardworking folks moved from durham?

  • domonickj May 8, 2007

    There is crime everywhere, so leave Durham alone. Raleigh has plenty to go around, so both cities are becoming crime infested. I grew up in Durham, now live in Raleigh and there's crime happening in both. And no, I'm no criminal because I grew up in Durham. As a matter of fact, I went to Southern Durham Hi School...Class of '78!! This "Booster club" embezzler should pay it all back before she goes to prison also...

  • voicenurhead May 8, 2007

    mulkey -at- tunl - of course there are bad apples everywhere. Durham just seems to have a greater share of them. Durham has a reputation of being a high crime area, just as Chapel Hill has a reputation for being overly liberal. You and everyone else knows the problems that Durham has...you just have to come to grips with it. Bad reputations don't just come out of the blue. Durham is notorious for being a popular drug trafficing city full of crime and gangs. Don't like hearing that...do something to help clean it up.

  • olsaltydog May 8, 2007

    Voicenurhead, How much money did Wake County schools lose to employees stealing from the taxpayers to live high on the hog??? Millions I recall and Raleigh is better place? Seem to me there are bad apples in both counties.